Ricky Martin says he needs time to heal after nephew drops incest, harassment claims 1

Ricky Martin is speaking out hours after his nephew withdrew claims that he was harassed by the 50-year-old singer after calling off their alleged affair. 1

After hearing the allegations against him had been dropped, the Latin pop artist expressed his relief in a video obtained by TMZ. 1

“I’m in front of the cameras today because I really need to talk in order to start my healing process,” he said, adding that he hadn’t been allowed to speak publicly until the case was resolved. 1

“I’m glad these claims were proven to be false, but I’m going to tell you the truth, it has been so painful  1

 it has been devastating for me, for my family, for my friends. I don’t wish this upon anybody.1

“To the person who was claiming this nonsense, I wish him the best, and I wish he finds the help so he can start a new life filled with love and truth and joy, and he doesn’t hurt anyone else,” he said, addressing his 21-year-old nephew.

“Now, my priority is to heal ... with music. I cannot wait to be back on stage. I can’t wait to be back in front of the cameras and entertain, which is what I do best.”

Martin’s nephew had claimed the two ended a romantic relationship earlier this year but Martin would not leave him alone and had loitered near his house “at least three times.

 He said he “feared for his safety,” leading a Puerto Rican judge on July 1 to issue a temporary restraining order against Martin.