Seven police officers killed in shooting and explosive attack

Seven police officers were killed when their vehicle hit a road mine before attackers with guns appeared.

The cops were leaving a social event in the south-west Huila region of Colombia when the explosion happened.

They were then shot dead in an ambush attack, a police spokesperson said.

The killing is the worst attack on security services since President Gustavo Petro was sworn in as the country’s first left-wing leader earlier this month.

‘I forcefully reject the attack with explosives in San Luis, Huila where eight police died. Solidarity with their families,’ Petro said on Twitter on Friday, quoting a death toll of eight that was later revised.

‘These acts are a clear sabotage to total peace. I have asked authorities to go to the area to take on the investigation.’

Images obtained by newspaper El Tiempo showed bodies strewn around a police pickup truck.