Sienna Miller Netflix 'Anatomy of a Scandal' role brings her back to being a tabloid target

Sienna Miller, starring alongside Rupert Friend in the new Netflix thriller Anatomy of a Scandal, admits her personal past, particularly being a massive tabloid target in the 2000s, made her apprehensive about signing on to the series.

“I think I was hesitant to perhaps insert myself back into a somewhat familiar scenario of the snooping press and the feelings of dread when a story that's very personal is about to be made very public, which was something I experienced much of when I was younger,” Miller told Yahoo Canada.

For those who may not remember, Miller’s personal life was plastered all over magazines almost 20 years ago, notably when her engagement with actor Jude Law came to an end after it was revealed that he was having an affair with the nanny to his children from a previous marriage. 

But the tabloid stalking continued for years, into other relationships, with Miller, just last year, settling with The Sun after suing the tabloid, accusing the publisher of hacking her phone to leak her pregnancy.

Sophie Whitehouse (Miller) is drawn into a public scandal when a story breaks that her husband James (Friend), a minister in British Parliament, had an affair with Olivia (Naomi Scott), a young political researcher in his department, and he is now being accused of rape.

Sophie, trying to process the breakdown of a marriage she felt safe in, trying to prioritize her two children, is processing her own reaction amid this massive political scandal that causes a media frenzy.

“I sort of questioned why I wanted to do it,” Miller explained. “But actually, Sophie was such a character, she was so different to who I am.”