Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown stalked by fan on Netflix movie set, court hears

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown was stalked by a fan who managed to get on the set of Damsel, a court has heard.

The 18-year old was allegedly targeted by Damian Martin, 26, whilst filming the Netflix fantasy movie in London earlier this month.

Highbury Corner Magistrates heard Damian was accused of carrying out "acts associated with stalking" on May 16.

After lying to security to get near her, Mr Martin later turned up again in the middle of a live podcast Millie was taking part in.

Millie's team were alerted and subsequently reported the intrusion to police. Martin gave false details to security on both sets in order to gain access to Millie "for unknown reasons".

"Martin has on two occasions attended filming venues where high profile actress Brown is in attendance recording for Netflix and a live podcast," court papers say.

"Martin provided false information to security staff at each venue in an attempt to gain access to the venues and make contact with Brown for unknown reasons."

An interim order now prevents him from contacting Millie or her family, visiting places where she might be, recording still or moving images of her, or "following or waiting" for her.

He must also notify police of his ownership of any device with access to the internet, his passwords, and details of any social media accounts he owns - which appear to have already been deleted.

Failure to comply in any way could result in a jail term. Martin, of no fixed address, is due back in court in connection with the interim order on July 7.

Teenager Millie caused an outcry in 2019 after appearing to defend a stalker character in another Netflix title, You.