“The Bachelorette” 2022 zodiac signs reveal their prospects for love

It doesn’t get more ride or die than a pair of friends who came together while competing for the affections of the same dude.

The wildly popular ABC dating series “The Bachelorette,” is back and season 19 promises to double down on the leading ladies and (fingers crossed) the chaos.

Following calamitous Season 26 of “The Bachelor” where the dastardly rose revoking Taurus Clayton Echard got intimate left and right and duplicitous all over, two women emerged scathed but hopeful; ladies and gentlemen Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Christened our new Bachelorettes, Windey and Recchia are best pals and franchise co-leads united in their quest to find love.

“It’s not the destination,” ABC says in the trailer for the new season that premieres July 11, 2022. “It’s the journey” and we can be sure that road will be paved with washboard abs, jaw dropping revelations, high flying adventure and the best and worst of mammalian mating rituals.

Because of the oppressive weight of the patriarchy our money says this season will ultimately see our two fair ladies battling it out for the affections of a single, overwhelmingly average dude.

 I’m personally rooting for the plot twist where Recchia and Windey ride off together in a red muscle car leaving ashes and trodden petals in their wake.

But who are these women and who should they be looking to build a foundation of life long love with? Read on to learn more about the zodiac signs and birth charts of both.

Born January 2, 1991, Gabby Windey is an enterprising Capricorn sun with a proud Leo moon, this combination indicates a person that wants success and respect in equal measure. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and natives tend to have a strategic, somewhat stoic approach to getting what they want.

They are interested in establishing a legacy by building things of lasting value and investing in relationships that are fruitful, inspiring and beneficial to them on several levels. They expect the best from themselves and hold those closest to them to a similar standard of excellence.

We see the full shine of Windey’s Capricorn sun in her epic “Bachelor” exit where she adjusted her top knot, dropped tough truths and shed not a single tear for Echard. She cemented her Cap sun, and fan favorite status by straight up refusing to let the lecherous lout walk her out. We love to see it.