Trump's complaint the FBI searched Barron's bedroom shot down by legal expert

Appearing early Sunday morning after Donald Trump's Saturday night rally in Pennsylvania, former d federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti flat out

dismissed complaints from the former president that FBI agents rummaged through his son Barron's room when they searched Mar-a-Lago looking for highly secret stolen government files.

During his speech at the rally designed to boost the election prospects of REpublican candidates Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano,

the former president spent a considerable amount of time complaining about the search that showed he was hoarding and mishandling top secret documents.

As MSNBC host Katie Phang reported, Trump regaled the crowd with tales about his son Barron and wife Melania suffering the indignity of FBI agents entering their rooms.

"Even if it proves to be accurate, is that a problem for the DOJ?" host Phang asked.

"Not unless there aren't any records there or any reason to look for records there," the attorney replied.