UFC Fight Night picks and predictions today for Dos Anjos vs. Fiziev

Off the heels of two title fights in a PPV last weekend, we are back at the UFC APEX center in Las Vegas for a Fight Night.

Hopefully, you liked last weekend’s guest appearance from Luca Fury where we went 1-1 after Holloway got smashed by Volkanovski. 

Having some guest appearances to help break down fights is something to look for going forward, especially for weekly UFC betting picks. here at The Post

This weekend’s fight card is a bit light on name value but there are some intriguing bouts. Interestingly enough, there are some early prelims fights that are more competitive and exciting stylistically than the main card ones.

A very interesting main event between the elder statesman Dos Anjos against the up-and-coming Fiziev. Skill for skill, Dos Anjos should have Fiziev beat, but is father time going to finally come from the former Brazillian champion?

Fiziev has an extensive kickboxing resume where he was 38-9 with about three-quarters of those being knockouts. Fiziev is the better athlete here as well so quickness and striking are what Fiziev wants to rely on to carry him to victory.

Notably, Fiziev has not fought five rounds in the octagon yet. When he fought Bobby Green (a fight many had scored for Green) Fiziev did appear to tire after winning the first round. Fiziev won that three-round fight by a decision but there are very reasonable question marks about his cardio in a five-round fight.

For Dos Anjos, he gets hit quite a bit. Standing heavy on his front foot negates his ability to move side to side and keep his head off the centerline. That could spell disaster for Dos Anjos could be put out early in this fight.

For betting purposes, the best way to bet this fight is to watch the first round and see how Dos Anjos looks. You will get plenty of information about how this will play out. If Dos Anjos survives and is pushing the pace of Fiziev, a live bet on Dos Anjos is a solid investment.

Most sportsbooks are anticipating a Fiziev win by decision (+125 on BetMGM). This is a bad bet. Fiziev has never been five rounds and Dos Anjos is probably his best level of competition faced yet. If Fiziev does win, it would likely have to come within the first three rounds.

Pre-fight Dos Anjos’ grappling pace is the key to victory. He is a very smart fighter that needs to avoid Fiziev’s quickness and power. Fiziev could win this one by KO and light him up into oblivion but the value is on Dos Anjos to win by decision.