Who is Hunter Moore? Netflix documentary dives into downfall of 'Most Hated Man on the Internet'

Who is "The Most Hated Man on the Internet"? Netflix's new three-part documentary chronicles the downfall of one recklessly wicked webmaster who fed his adult site with nude photos of nonconsenting subjects.

The docuseries (now streaming) features victims of the short-lived IsAnyoneUp.com, as well as those who were able to shut down Moore's endeavor: law enforcement, a former Marine with a sense of vengeance for bullies, and a stop-at-nothing mother whose daughter's stolen photos appeared on Moore's website.

The website – active from 2010 too 2012 12 – displayed images submitted by the subjects, their exes or through  hacking. The site also included personal information about those pictured, including social media accounts.

Absent legislation to combat "revenge porn," Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act provided Moore some protection, as the site's content is generated by users and not the site itself.It's the same defense implemented by Facebook.

When photos of Charlotte Laws' daughter appeared on Moore's website, she began to suspect Moore was relying on hacking for content.

She launched her own investigation, and contacted the FBI and journalists, ignoring death threats by Moore's mob of fans dubbed "the family."

“I’m gonna be worth $100 million by the time I’m 30," he says in the documentary. "I’m literally gonna take over the world.” And it appeared he would do it at any cost.

He told Rolling Stone writer Alex Morris, in a 2012 profile titled "Hunter Moore: The Most Hated Man on the Internet," that he once contemplated decking Mark Zuckerberg "’cause that would get me so popular.

Like, unless I raped Steve Jobs, what else is there?” A woman once stabbed Moore with a pen after he refused to remove her from his website. His reaction, as relayed to Rolling Stone: “Oh my God, this is gonna be the best post ever.”