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Complete Guide to DeakinSync Student Login 2022

DeakinSync is your on-line pupil login portal that offers you get right of entry to to the entirety you want at Deakin University.

You can get right of entry to CloudDeakin and StudentConnect thru DeakinSync, in addition to your e mail, calendar, Office365, and different productiveness and collaboration equipment.

Deakin university portal is personalised to satisfy your desires for the duration of your existence as a Deakin pupil.

How to log into deakinsync

To get right of entry to Deakin Sync,

Visit the Deakin login portal at

Enter your Deakin username.

Then input your password.

Finally, click on on the “Sign On” button to get right of entry to your dashboard.

Deakinsync has been evolved to enhance your college revel in through supplying a unmarried access factor to the subsequent equipment and records:

Personal enterprise equipment; inclusive of e mail and a calendar displaying activities from more than a few structures together with CloudDeakin (assignments), STAR (timetable), and InPlace (placements).

Productivity and collaboration equipment; a set of effective products, inclusive of OneDrive (cloud record storage), Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), and Communities (hook up with different college students).

Access to studying equipment; inclusive of unmarried sign-on get right of entry to to CloudDeakin gadgets and the e-Portfolio tool.

Access to University records; inclusive of library, enrolments, take a look at support, and lots more.

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Watch the video under to discover the Deakin university portal.

What is StudentConnect?

StudentConnect offers you on-line get right of entry to for your enrolment information with the University. This includes:

Personal Details,


Assessment & Exams,


Fees & Payment,

Graduation records.

To get right of entry to StudentConnect, in reality login to DeakinSync and pick the StudentConnect icon withinside the toolbar. You also can get right of entry to StudentConnect without delay through traveling

What is the distinction among CloudDeakin, StudentConnect, and DeakinSync?

CloudDeakin is your studying surroundings withinside the cloud, with all of the records you want approximately your direction and your classes. You can publish assignments thru CloudDeakin, and participate in discussions with different college students and coaching staff.

StudentConnect helps you to manipulate your enrolment information at Deakin, inclusive of your information, direction enrolment, timetable, fees, and commencement records.

DeakinSync is your hub, with smooth get right of entry to to the entirety you want to be triumphant at Deakin University.

What is Deakin star?

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration) is a customized timetabling device that lets in college students enrolled in on-campus gadgets to check in for scheduled classes, seminars, and different activities.

What is my deakin pupil e mail cope with?

Your Deakin pupil e mail cope with fits the username you installation while you enrolled accompanied through “”.

You can get right of entry to your pupil e mail inbox via DeakinSync. Select the ‘Mail’ whilst in cellular view.

You can discover a way to set off your Deakin IT account through going to our Username and password era after which comply with the instructions.

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New college students will want to set off their username and password earlier than going online for the primary time and on the way to join in gadgets.

Once you’ve got got your username and password you may have your legitimate Deakin e mail account (e.g.

You can then ahead it for your favourite non-public e mail account and make certain you get crucial records, as you want it, as you development via your Deakin journey.

If you’ve got got any troubles together along with your Deakin account or Deakin university portal, touch IT Help.

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