How to Find mobile number by name of person

 What are the first issues you face when launching a new business or expanding your current business? Yes, that is to find the phone number of your particular clue company. Unless you have access to their phone number, you will not be able to communicate well with them. It has a negative impact on your … Read more

How to check BSNL Mobile Number Using USSD codes

 BSNL, India’s oldest telecommunications company, is based in New Delhi and is one of the largest telecommunications carriers in India. It operates a strong operational network in every corner of India, including remote, undeveloped locations. If that’s not enough, BSNL also offers one of the best charging plans today, so you can comfortably communicate with … Read more

How to check Jio, JioFi Number in few seconds

 Reliance Jio’s meteoric rise paved the way for faster and cheaper data services in the country. While the service provider started offering commercial services only at the end of 2016, it has managed to keep up with Airtel in terms of number of subscribers. According to the latest TRAI data, Bharti Airtel had 336 million active subscribers, while Jio had 325 million subscribers at the end of January.  Jio’s biggest problem is perception and … Read more

How to check Airtel number in just a few seconds

 Bharti Airtel is one of the famous telecom operators in India. This telecommunications company is committed to providing the best service and serving customers who are part of the company’s vast foundation.  Customer service and multiple products are some of the key points for attracting new users to switch networks and use Airtel as a service provider. However, when users buy a new SIM card, it is initially difficult to remember their new phone number.  If you are a new user of Airtel, you will get many options through … Read more

Full Form of GST: Meaning, Different types, History, Direct, Indirect Tax

 The government of every country needs a steady stream of revenue to enable the country to play its truest role, and taxation is the main source of this revenue. The taxes collected by the government are ultimately spent on the public of the country. There are two main types of taxes in India, namely direct taxes and indirect taxes.  Direct tax is basically an income tax levied on a person’s income, which comes from various sources, such as house rent, wages, etc. Increase the global margin price of related goods or services. In India, this is called GST (Goods and Services Tax). It applies to the supply of goods and services in India. What … Read more

Full Form of KYC: What is KYC, Importance, Types , EKYC vs. oKYC vs. CKYC

You may encounter “KYC”, but have you ever thought about the meaning of this term or its importance?  Let’s explore it in detail. If you want to know the meaning of KYC and the full form of KYC, which literally means to know your customers, this is a due diligence activity, that is, a review or investigation to verify certain facts.  KYC is a process by which financial institutions verify the authenticity of the customer while confirming the customer’s identity and address before or during the transaction.  The main goal of the bank’s KYC process is to prevent people from using … Read more

How to Check BSNL: Main Balance, Data balance, Numbers or Enquiry Codes, GP2

 The national telecom operator BSNL has defined USSD codes to help users check their data balance, SMS balance, airtime information, and more. If you are a BSNL user, you can use these USSD codes to track the balance of different services. Alternatively, you can check the balance through the official application of the telecommunications company … Read more

Full Form of CID :Eligibility criteria, Types of Job Roles, branches , Opportunities

The Full Form of CID is the Crime Investigation Department of the Indian National Police. It is a unit of the police department and is led by ADG (Additional Director of Police Department). CID is headquartered in Pune, and the government handles specific cases handed over by the Indian government and DGP (Chief of Police). In 1902, the British government cooperated with the Police Commission to develop CID to maintain social law and order. Police officers in this department usually wear ordinary clothing and are classified into different levels according to their positions. These police officers claim to be CIDs or detectives.  In 1929, this police force was divided into a special unit, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CB-CID) and the Criminal … Read more