How to Delete Swiggy Account Permanently/temporarily (100% Verified)

 Welcome back to our next post. In principle, we have to delete or deactivate our Swiggy account for many reasons. If you want to permanently delete your Swiggy account.

Then you came to the right place. Because of this post, I’ll show you how to permanently close your Swiggy account. Let me tell you something old, there is no direct way to delete your Swiggy account.

But don’t worry after reading this article, you can easily deactivate your account permanently.

Delete a Swiggy account 

Swiggy is the largest online food ordering platform in India. Because Swiggy is used by everyone, you can easily order food from a nearby restaurant. Swiggy is a similar platform for ordering food as Zomato. Swiggy Swiggy was founded in 2014 by Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy and is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

How to permanently delete a Swiggy account 2022

Like I said, there’s no immediate way to permanently break Swiggy. But read the whole article again and follow my simple and easy steps. You can delete your account.

  • Open the Swiggy application. Go to the My Account section.
  • Click the Help button.
  • Now click on the FAQ button.
  • Now scroll down and click Deactivate My Account.

It is clear here that you must contact Swiggy at [email protected] to delete your account. So let’s see how we can contact Swiggy to permanently delete our Swiggy account.

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How do you write an email to delete a Swiggy account?

Go to your Gmail and create an email. (Make sure you are logged in to this Gmail account registered with Swiggy’s Gmail ID)

go to the writing section (to) and enter the e-mail address “[email protected]”. In the topic section, enter “Delete My Swiggy Account”.

  • Enter in the Email Settings section
  • “I want to delete my account.
  • My email ID: – [email protected]
  • My phone number: – 1234567890 ”
  • Copy mail

Now, after a few hours, Swiggy will contact you for confirmation. If Swiggy asks why “Why do you want to delete your Swiggy account”. Suffice it to say, what is the reason. Then Swiggy permanently deletes your account.

How to cancel Swiggy Orders in 2022

This is a bonus tip for you, sometimes we order food online using a Swiggy account. but we didn’t know how to cancel Suggy’s orders and get a refund because we were new. after reading the contents, you can easily cancel our Swiggy food orders

  • Go to the My Account section. (You can now see your current orders)
  • Click on your current order. active order
  • Click Help.
  • Click “I want to cancel my order.”
  • cancel an order
  • Now select the reason for the cancellation. You can choose to place this order by mistake
  • Now confirm your cancellation request by clicking Yes, I want to cancel my order.

Now your order is canceled and you get your money back. swiggy account

Thanks guys for reading this article. Please let me know in the comments box why you would like to delete your Swiggy account.

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