Jio Caller Tune: How to Set JioTunes on Your Number

 Reliance Jio offers its customers affordable data plans and connectivity, as well as a variety of services. If you want to add fun and attractive ringtones to your Jio phone, there are four ways. You need to activate Jio Tunes, which is currently available to Jio customers for free. The company allows subscribers to choose from a variety of ringtones in different genres, including Bollywood, Regional and International. It also offers the opportunity to switch between different melodies at no additional cost.

 Subscribers can use the MyJio app, IVR, or SMS to activate the call melody over the phone. You can also use your mobile network operator to copy JioTune from other Jio clients. If you can’t find a particular song in the MyJio app, you can also use the JioSavan app to set the caller’s melody. Jio says he has more than four racks of songs and collections in his library, from which he can choose his favorite Jio Tune. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set Jio ringtones on your phone. 

Steps to set a Jio caller tune using MyJio app

You can use the MyJio app on your smartphone to directly select JioTune or Jio ringtones on your connection. The MyJio app can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices. The Android application is about 28MB in size, but the iOS version is over 225MB and is available from the Apple App Store. Compatible with devices using at least Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 10.0. After downloading the latest version of the MyJio app, you can set the caller’s melody by following the steps below.

  • Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the MyJio app, then tap the Songs tab and select the JioTunes option. 
  • Find your favorite Jio Tune or select one of the songs listed. Bollywood has a variety of titles to choose from, international, regional and dedicated genres. 
  • Then tap the play button below the song’s album art to hear a preview. 
  • Touch the Set as JioTune button and select a melody. 
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When the settings are completed on the confirmation screen of the MyJio app, Jio will notify you of the song selected as the caller’s melody. You will also receive an SMS message confirming the activation of the voice service.

Steps to set a Jio caller tune by sending SMS

If you don’t have a MyJio or JioSaavn application, you have the option to set Jio’s ringtone just by sending an SMS message. 

  • To see the available list of JioTunes or Jio ringtones, send SMS “JT” (without quotes) to 56789. 
  • You can search for a specific movie by replying to the prepared SMS message with “MOVIE” (movie name). Alternatively, you can respond with “ALBUM” (album name) to search for an album, or respond with “SINGER” (singer name) to search for a singer. 
  • When it finds a favorite song that matches the caller’s melody, Jio asks you to choose between adjusting it for all callers or for a special number. 
  • You will now receive an SMS message to your number that requires permission to activate the JioTunes service. 
  • You must respond with a “Y” in the message to accept the activation. Jio must receive a reply within 30 minutes of the message to complete the activation process.
  •  Jio sends an SMS message to confirm the activation of the caller’s melody. You can disable Jio’s ringtone at any time by sending “STOP” to 56789. 

Steps to set a Jio caller tune using JioSaavn app

If you don’t want to use the MyJio app but want to set the melody of your favorite song, you can also use the JioSaavn app. The JioSaavn application is available on Android and iOS platforms. You can download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store. This app is at least compatible with devices using Android Lollipop or iOS 10.0. After downloading the latest version of JioSaavn, log in to your JioSaavn account and follow the steps below.

  •  Find your favorite song in the JioSaavn app you want to set as your ringtone and play it.
  •  Tap a song in the bottom bar to bring it to the front of the screen. 
  • Then tap the JioTune Settings button just below the album art and song titles.
  •  A pop-up screen will appear, allowing you to hear a preview of the other party’s melody.
  •  Then press the SetJioTune button. 
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When your preferred JioTune is activated, an SMS message will be sent to your number. The message also contains details for deactivating the added melody.

Steps to copy JioTune of another Jio user?

  • Step 1: Press * (asterisk) before answering the call.
  • Step 2: You will receive an SMS to confirm your consent.
  • Step 3: You should reply to this SMS with “Y” within 30 minutes. Then the selected JioTune will be activated with the Jio number.

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