How to set caller tune on your Vodafone mobile number

If you’re a Vodafone subscriber, tired of the old “tling ring” sounds, and want the caller to taste your personality, this post is for you. This post describes how to set up “Caller settings by Vodafone number”.

By setting your favorite caller melody, the caller can understand your personality. Another great fact about setting the caller’s melody is this. You may not be able to answer the call immediately after receiving a call from the caller because you have not heard or heard the phone ringing (in noisy places the phone tone is not very loud and the mobile phone is the ringtone Because it takes time to turn up the volume). 

In such cases, the caller feels busy or unanswered and hangs up before stopping. In such cases, HelloTunes or CallerTunes entertains the caller during the call, so they don’t hang up immediately or wait for the call to hang up automatically.

Steps to Set Vodafone Caller Tune?

With Vodafone, users can enjoy the melodies of many callers for the least amount of money. Users signing up for Caller Tune for the first time will have to pay a monthly rent of Rs 36 and an additional charge of Rs 15 per song for 90 days. Users already enrolled in Vodafone Callertune Rental will pay 15 call charges per call light for 90 days.

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There are many ways people can set up call tuning on their mobile phones. Here’s how to set the caller’s melody. 

Steps to Set tune  Using Vodafone Caller tune App

The First way to tune a caller’s melody to a Vodafone number is to use the Vodafone Caller Tuning app. Depending on your operating system, your application is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. The caller’s Vodafone caller ID can be configured using the Vodafone Callertune app as follows:

  • Open the app store or play store on your phone.
  •  Search for “ViCallertune” or click here. 
  • After downloading the application, register with your Vodafone number or create a Vodafone account.
  •  Once you have the OTP to log in and enter the correct OTP, your account will be created. 
  • After registering, select the song you want to set as the ringtone for your Vodafone number. 
  • Tap “Set as Caller” to deduct 15 rupees from your balance. 
  • You have now successfully set your ringtone using the Vodafone Call Voice application. 

Steps to set By Vodafone Caller Tune Number

You can dial the Vodafone ringtone number and select the song you want to set as the ringtone from the list. The process by which the user can set the call melody according to the call melody is as follows:

  • Open the phone. Call 56789 from the Vodafone number. 
  • Dial the number to see the IVR with a list of songs that will be set as the caller’s melody. 
  • Select a song from the list and set it as your Vodafone ringtone. 
  • After selection, a specific song will be added as the caller’s melody.
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Steps to set by  Using USSD Code

The Third  way to match the caller’s melody to the Vodafone number is to use the Vodafone USSD code. The USSD code consists of some numbers and some symbols that are fairly easy to use. You can configure the Vodafone number caller settings using the USSD code by following these steps:

  • Open the phone. Dial the USSD code, the registered Vodafone number * 567 #. 
  • When you call the required USSD code, you’ll see a pop-up similar to the following:
  • From the songs provided, select the song you want to save as a Vodafone ringtone.
  •  If you don’t like the song, you can press # to get a new playlist. 
  • Dial the number next to the song you want to set as the Vodafone ringtone to add it as the Vodafone ringtone.

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