How to check Airtel number in just a few seconds

 Bharti Airtel is one of the famous telecom operators in India. This telecommunications company is committed to providing the best service and serving customers who are part of the company’s vast foundation. 

Customer service and multiple products are some of the key points for attracting new users to switch networks and use Airtel as a service provider. However, when users buy a new SIM card, it is initially difficult to remember their new phone number.

 If you are a new user of Airtel, you will get many options through which you can find your phone number. To understand these multiple methods, follow the article until the end.

 Check Yours Airtel Number Using The USSD Code

Regarding how to verify your Airtel phone number, the first method that comes to mind is to use the official Airtel number verification code, also known as the USSD code. 
This method is safe, but it takes a while. But in the long run, it will really pay off. Therefore, to use the USSD code to verify your Airtel phone number, just follow the guidelines below: 

  • dial *121 # on your phone’s dialer,
  •  press 3 to select manage my account; finally
  •  press 4 to select my number; 

After you follow the pop-up instructions carefully, your Airtel number will be displayed on the phone screen, please write it down, or you can even take a screenshot.

 Check Yours Airtel Number Using The Airtel App

To verify the Airtel mobile number, please download the MyAirtel app. By downloading the Airtel app, you can not only enjoy all its benefits, but also know how to easily check your Airtel number. Follow the simple steps below to verify your Airtel phone number:

  •  Step 1: Download the MyAirtel application from the Google Play store or iTunes. 
  • Step 2: Open the application and log in to your account. 
  • Step 3: On the home screen, you will see that the registered phone has 

You can also get a variety of Airtel cashback recharge offers from the MyAirtel app for voice calls and data validity numbers. Remember to check your Airtel number before charging. Hope this answers how to check mobile number in Airtel!

 Know Your Airtel Phone Number By Making A Call

Since you have the SIM card with you only you do not remember its number again, you can use it to call a friend or relative who is nearby to copy his or her number,
 but before that, keep in mind that the same SIM card must have been inserted into a phone and must have at least N1 to be able to make a call. 
And even if he’s penniless, you can still use it to beep one of your nearby circles that an Airtel Sim uses. Thanks to Airtel Nigeria for featuring the double star (**) plus a phone number to beep. This can be done this way, ** 0809XXXXXXX 
Once the call is made, simply check the person’s phone record and copy the Airtel number from them with ease.

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Ask A Friend Or Family That Saved It To Send It To You.

One day last year, I wanted to retrieve an old Airtel Sim card that was blocked by Airtel NG, because I have not used it for months. 
And you know that I can’t unlock it without knowing the SIM number, and I can’t remember it anymore, so I am facing the problem of how to verify my Airtel number. Not long ago, I remembered that I used this number to call my sister, so I called her to confirm if she had ever saved any Airtel numbers under my name. 
To my surprise, she saved this number on her phone, and I asked her. Send it to me immediately and save me from a mess.

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