Steps To Add Channel in Tata Sky Through SMS, App & Online?

Over the last two years, the TV viewing experience has changed completely. LED TVs with smart features are gaining popularity. They are also very affordable. There are OTT streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. But today, DTH connections are preferred over cable TV. Earlier this year, TRAI changed its cable and DTH operator guidelines. You now have to select the individual channels you want to watch and pay only for them. If you have a Tata Sky DTH connection, you can select channels, add-on packages, and more. Read also: Tata Sky Binge Review-A Great Addition to Your Secondary TV

Tata Sky channel selection process

Popular DTH operator Tata Sky offers several ways to subscribe to your favorite channels you want to watch. You can access the Tata Sky portal, sign up with your credentials, and manage your channel packages. Tata Sky also has a mobile app for Android and iOS. This allows you to stream live TV and view app guides. You can also use this application to recharge your account and manage channel packages. You and you add channels that include add-on packages and more. 

How to add a channel to Tata Sky

There are several ways to add channels to Tata Sky. Here you can see three different ways to add the desired channel to your subscriber account.

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1) Add Via Website Portal

  1. Simply go to the Tata Sky website portal and click on the Selected Packages option on the banner. 
  2. Here you will need to enter your RMS (Registered Mobile Number) or Tatasky Subscriber ID. You will immediately receive an OTP with the registration number you entered. Entering the OTP will take you to the window where the account screen is open. 
  3. When the verification is complete, you will be presented with two options. One is “Balance and Billing” and the other is Rebilling your DTH account. If you want to customize the package, move it to the right. There is a box called “Your Package”. 
  4. Press the button to view all currently subscribed channel packages. Simply click the link in the box to go to the next page. 
  5. This page allows you to easily modify or deactivate Tata Sky channels and packages. A “” symbol appears next to each category. Simply click on the first package to see all the packages you are currently signed up for. 
  6. You can also remove the channel from the existing list if you like. Clear the check box, scroll down and click Select and Continue. The next window lists the channels you have deleted or added for confirmation and you can tap the Confirm button. 
  7. A confirmation message will appear on the screen immediately and the new package will be activated within minutes.

2) Add Via SMS

  • As an SMS to 56633, just send the SMS to 56633 using the channel code of the mobile phone number registered in the format of ADDSTARPLUS12 or ZEE14.
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation message with the same number and the package will be activated immediately during the connection.
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3) Add Channels By Call

Yes! You heard it correctly. You can add a channel to Tata Air just by calling. This is the easiest and easiest way to add a selected channel.

  • All you have to do is call the customer service number from your registered mobile number at 1800-208-6633.
  •  All you have to do now is tell your customer service manager that you need to add a specific channel that interests you in your package and the finished product. 

4) Add Via Tata Sky Mobile App

  1. Download the “Tata Sky Application” from the Google Play Store or Apple application to your smartphone. Log in to the application using your credentials.
  2.  The first time you access the app, you will need to enter your registered mobile number or Tata sky subscriber ID. This is definitely your login ID. 
  3. Next, you need to create a password suitable for your ID. If you already have a user ID and password, simply enter the required details to log in. When you log in, you’ll see a list of shows, live TV networks, and more on your home screen. 
  4. A hamburger menu appears near the search button in the upper right corner. Just tap the option. In this section you can see your account balance and other details.
  5.  Simply click on the “My Heaven Tata” option and then click on “Manage Packages” to go directly to another page. Tap Change Package to see the account summary. There are many packages here, including current packages, packages selected by Tata, and streaming packages. 
  6. Select the change package you are interested in. You can also extend the “” symbol. Scroll down and select the check box for the specific channel or package you have selected. 
  7. After making your selection, click the “Confirm” button. 
  8. The selected channel package will be automatically subscribed to and other packages you are not interested in will be removed from your account within 24 hours.
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