How To Check Jio Balance, Validity, Number, Plans Easily Using MyJio App, IVR, Or Official Website

 Welcome back to our next post. In this post, I’ll show you quick ways to check your Jio balance using data. It’s a quick and easy process. Anyone can follow in my footsteps.

Jio is the most famous telecommunication industry in India. More than 331.3 million Jio customers Almost every household in India has at least 1 JIo SIM card. This means that in India, each house has 1 JIO user. In fact, I also wrote this article with Jio Internet.

Sometimes we use the internet all day and for whatever reason we need to check our internet, daily validity, data with the Jio tariff. All methods are very simple and very fast. Guys, if you use a Jio sim, the important question for you is how to control your Jio plan.

Guys this post will tell you how you can easily check your balance details

Why is Jio popular in India?

There are many reasons to be popular with Jio in India. Jio came to India in September 2016.

After Jio’s arrival, the telecommunications industry began to burn. After Jio’s arrival in India, people learned about 4g.

With the advent of Jio, there has been a huge change in the Internet world. Because Jio started giving internet to everyone for free.

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Jio published his plan very cheaply, which we did not expect. I think that’s why Jio is a popular telecommunications sector in India. Now let’s see how you can determine the balance of Jio?

4 ways to quickly and easily check the balance of Jio data

Data is the most important thing in this modern world. So Jio is at the forefront of this field. There are many ways not to check the details of your jio balance.

  • 1. Check the use of telephone numbers Call without Jio sim up to 1299 and you will know your data balance.
  • 2. Check by USSD code You can also check the data balance simply by SMS. Simply dial * 333 # using your Jio SIM card and check your data balance.
  • 3. Check by SMS Just write an SMS “MBAL” to the number 55333 and check the balance of data and call details.
  • 4. Checking with My Jio Just use the official ‘MY JIO’ app on your device, the app will automatically get your account login number. The Jio number of your device is displayed on the home page.

Check your Jio online balance using My Jio

To view Jio Balance using the mobile app, follow my simple and easy steps below: –

  • Open your Google Play store and download the official Jio app “My Jio”. After installation, just open the My Jio application.
  • Sign in now with your Jio number in My Jio.
  • Now click on the bottom 3 line of your My Jio application.
  • How to control the balance of Jio
  • Click on “My Schedule”.
  • Now you can get all the details about recharging Jio. 

Is Jio Balance Check with the web easy?

  • Open a browser.
  • Search Google for “My Jio”.
  • How to control the balance of Jio
  • Open the first link in the search result.
  • Then click on the top row 3. How to check the balance of Jio
  • Now click on “Login”.
  • Now click on Mobile. (If you’re using Jio-Fi or Jio Fiber, you can click
  • How to check the balance of Jio
  • Now enter your mobile number.
  • Click Create One-Time Password.
  • Now fill in the OTP.
  • Now you will find the Balance section, where you will find your Jio Balance and Jio Recharge. 
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How to easily find balance jio using a phone call

  • 1. Open the Dialer application.
  • 2. Once opened, dial 1299 with your Jio number.
  • 3. Now your call is automatically disconnected and Jio will send you an SMS where you will see the details of recharging Jio.

How to check your Jio balance using the USSD / IVR code

Jio is now more popular in India and by 2020 Jio had more subscribers than Bharti Airtel. So if you use a Jio sim on your smartphone or device, you will sometimes have trouble checking your balance.

Therefore, checking the balance using the USSD code is very simple and fast. If you want to check your balance or call time, enter J * sim * 333 # on your device. 

Check your Jio balance immediately with a massage

  • 1. Open the Messages application
  • 2. Send an SMS “BAL to 55333”.
  • 3. Now Jio will send you an SMS where you can see the details of recharging Jio.

 How can you check your balance and the validity of Jio?

Because Jio Bharti has surpassed Airtel in the subscriber base, Jio is now the largest telecommunications network in India. It is very important to know the prepaid and subsequent balance, as well as the validity.

So if you want to check your Jio balance, such as the validity of prepaid and postpay payments, follow a few simple steps below.

First send an SMS – BAL to the number 199. When you send an SMS, you will receive an SMS on your device with information about your prepaid Jio balance and the validity of the package you are currently using.

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And if you want to check and verify your Jio Postpaid balance, send an SMS – BILL to 199 and follow the same procedure.

How can you control your own Jio number?

Reliance Jio is a major contributor to telecommunications networks. Jio started the 4G revolution in India. If you are using a Jio sim on your device and you can’t remember your number, just dial * 1 # on your mobile and you can check your own Jio number.

If this does not work for you, send an SMS as “JIO” to the number 199. You can also check your number using the “My Jio” application.

How do I check the details of my Jio plan using MyJio

My Jio app is a great choice. I also checked my Jio schedule from “My Jio”. It’s very easy and simple. Just open the app and check. You can control your Jio plan with a trick as easily as possible.

Most people use “My Jio” to check their Jio plan. If you are wondering what the best option is. My answer is “My Jio Application”. Because you can see much more here. For example, recording history, data usage, call balance usage, and many other things you can check.

You can also upload your Jio number using the “My Jio Apps” application.

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