What is Flipkart franchise ?

Hello, are you considering the Flipkart kaise franchise? If so, in this article you will get complete information about the Flipkart franchise. This makes it easier to use the Flipkart agent.

My friends, today the world is digital, and in the digital age, people rarely want to leave their homes. People also get paid online and with that they are sure to order large and small items online.

Nowadays, there are many online stores where you can sit and shop at home, so if you become a business partner of such a store, you can imagine how much money you can make because you all have a purchase order. You have to give people their stuff. That’s why today’s post talked about the Kayser flip-kart franchise. You can easily earn over 2 million rupees per month if you know how to use the Flipkart franchise. So I met a major flip-kart organization, Kayser.

What is a Flipkart franchise?

Before knowing the flip kart kaise franchise, tell me about the flip kart kya hai franchise. Flipkart is an e-commerce business with many consumers in India. Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce company, where people can easily get all kinds of home goods. All products on Flipkart are shipped from seller to consumer.

Ecommerce businesses like Flipkart who want to move their network to more places cannot go alone and apply to open branches on behalf of the business. People who want to do business with Amazon sell products. These are called Flipkart ki mailing franchises or Flipkart ki resellers.

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When a reseller submits an order placed by a customer, Flipkart pays the reseller in Flipkart to open it. Now you will know what the flip cart franchise is. Now you know how to start a rocking cart franchise.

What you need for a Flipkart franchise.

In order to get the franchise on Flipkart, you need important information. Then you can easily import the Flipkart agency. We will then tell you what documents you need to act as a flip-kart agent.

Two types of files are required to use Flipkart ki to issue a franchise: personal information and real estate information. personal informations.

  2.  Adhar card.
  3.  PAN card.
  4.  Voter ID. 2. Proof of residence.
  5.  card distribution.
  6.  gas tank.
  7. Three. financial books.

4. Photos, cell phone, email address.

5. Documents required. housing information.

Complete accommodation information.

 rental agreement.

You can only use the Flipkart franchise if you have all of the above information. A must have for flip cart franchising keys.

You must also have a Flipkart franchise submission site. Because after choosing Flipkart free shipping, the goods will be shipped to you by flipkart. It should be a workplace and a place to sit and work. This requires between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet of land.

However, if you don’t have your own, you can lease the land and then buy your own when you start making money slowly.

What you need to become a flip-kart seller. Office.

Computer, printer, scanner, barcode scanner, internet connection.

 KYC Information.

Van (loading capacity 5 cm).

missionary. The total cost to get Flipkart ki sales is around Rs. You need to invest between 20,000 and 200,000 winnings. If you have your own land, it won’t cost you a lot of money. and the Amazon value franchise, around Rs. You might want between 50,000 and 50,000 wins and 100,000 wins.

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With this you have to buy Cargo Ven with your own money.

Flipkart franchise profit margin. Now let’s talk about the Flipkart franchise profit margin. Suppose you send 300 orders per day and save 50 rupees on each shipment, you can earn 15,000 rupees per day and 4 million rupees per month. This is based on the estimate that you can earn 4,500,000 rupees per month.

So, you can imagine that you can earn 4 million Rupees 50,000,000,000 per month with the help of flip cart franchise.

  • Apply online for the Flipkart franchise. Find out how to apply for the Flipkart franchise now.
  •  To open a Flipkart franchise, you need to contact the e-cart online organization.
  •  To receive an e-kart dealer, you must send [email protected] to this email id for franchise request.
  •  When sending an email, please enter your name, business address, local password and contact details.

Other places near where you open your business, tell me the distance if I open a franchise. After submitting all this information, the e-kart will review the information you provided and send it back to you.

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