How to check Canara Bank balance Via Mobile Apps, Online, ATM,SMS, Passbook

 Canara Bank is one of the largest banks operating in India. Specifically, it is one of the largest banks in the public sector. Speaking of public sector banks or public sector companies, it is clear that they are owned by the Government of India. There are millions of people who have a bank account at Canara Bank, and I am one of them. I’m sure you are one of the Canara Bank account holders. This is because we are looking online for a method that can be used to check the balance of Canara Bank. This article introduces you to the different methods you can use to perform balance checks at Canara Bank.

If you have a Canara Bank bank account, you can use Canara Bank’s balance inquiry service. Online balance check records are useful for making Canara Bank balance inquiries on your mobile phone without having to go to a branch office or ATM. If you enable Canara Bank’s balance checking service online, you will be able to quickly check the funds in your bank account on your mobile phone.

 Previously, you had to go to a Canara Bank branch or ATM to sign up for a balance check service online, but now you can sign up directly using a mobile application. As soon as you download the mobile application, you can sign up for Canara Bank’s balance query to start checking the funds available on your mobile phone.

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What you need to know to  check your balance at Canara Bank Online 

  • You need to register your mobile phone number with the bank.
  • Internet connection on your mobile / computer.
  • Internet banking ID / password to log in to the Canara Bank Internet banking service.

Benefits of Canara Bank’s online balance checking service:

  • Time Saving: Visiting a branch office or ATM to check your available balance is a time consuming process. However, instead, you can use Canara Bank’s online balance inquiry service on your mobile phone to check your available balances and save time.
  • Cost Savings-If you regularly visit ATMs to see what funds are available, apply the Canara Bank visit fee. However, Canara Bank’s online balance checking service is completely free.
  • Security: The use of Canara Bank’s bank PIN is mandatory for all transactions, so you are 100% confident in your transaction security.

How to check Canara Bank balance Via Mobile Apps

The Canara Mobile Banking application is available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Using this mobile application, users can access their bank account and verify the balance of their Canara bank account at any time, anywhere.
Account holders can download and install the Canara Bank Mobile Banking application to take advantage of services and facilities such as the Bank of Canara’s balance, the mini statement, fund transfer, the request for verification and more. The following are all Canara bank-mobile applications that can verify account holders the balance of their account using mobile banking:

  • CANDI- Mobile Banking: Digital application of Canara Bank for all banking solutions and fund transfer with Imps, RTGS and NFT
  • CANARA EINFOBOOK: To verify the balance of the account and see the statements of the bank account
  • Canara Diya: Application to open a savings account online and get monthly electronic statements
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Prerequisites to have a Canara Bank Mobile Application:

  • Smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Balance Sufficient to Send SMS (Freight Cost Per Network Operator)
  • Sufficient storage to download the application (about 10 MB)
  • Active debit card for activation. 

How to check Canara Bank balance Through CANDI App

  • Download the Canara Banking mobile application to your mobile phone.
  • Then open the application and register with the application using your mobile number
  • After logging in to the application, tap the Show Balance option from the control screen.
  • Click View Balance in the Candi app
  • You should now see your account balance on the screen.

How to check Canara Bank balance Via Internet Banking

Canara Bank can access clients to their online banking accounts through internet banking. For that, the client must register for net banking.

  • First, the customer must report to Canara Bank only bank portal using its client ID and password
  • After subscribing, the client’s bank account will be displayed on the screen. Click on ‘Bank Details’
  • On the next screen the option for the balance and statement will be displayed
  • Account holders can also verify bank extract, access mini statement, open a savings account, start using FD / RD or feed transfers using Canara Bank only to use banking

Self-registration to Canara Bank Net Banking

  • Individual clients who have active debit / credit cards or the 1st joint account holder with an Orvivor operation condition or survivors can automatically register for net banking services
  • For self-registration requires customer-
  1.   Active debit / credit card
  2. Valid-ID e-mail must be registered with the bank account
  3. The valid mobile number must be registered with the bank account
  4. Customer identification
  5. 13-digit account number 
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How to check Canara Bank balance Via ATM

Another way to check your bank account balance is to use a bank ATM (Canara Bank ATM or another bank’s ATM). Customers can access the ATM and check their Canara Bank account balance by following these steps:

  • Insert a Canara Bank debit card
  • Enter the 4-digit Canara Bank ATMPIN
  • Select the Balance Inquiry / Check Account Balance option
  • The Canara Bank account balance will be displayed on the ATM screen. The account holder can also receive a receipt for the account balance.
  • You can also select the “Ministate” option on the ATM panel to view the last 3-5 debit and credit transactions.

How to check Canara Bank balance Via SMS

You can use Canara Bank’s SMS service to track details such as your account balance and the latest transactions. To find out your Canara Bank account balance via SMS, follow these steps:

  • After registration, a confirmation message will be displayed indicating that the registration was successful. You can now use Canara Bank’s SMS service.
  • To find out your account balance, send an SMS to 9015734734 from your registered mobile number.

How to check Canara Bank balance Via Passbook

  • Bring your passbook. 
  • Visit the nearest branch that holds your bank account. 
  • Ask your bank staff to fill out or print your passbook. 
  • All transactions made will be printed on your passbook. 
  • All transactions from your bank account are printed and you can also find the printed balance. 
  • Therefore, this is the another method you can follow to check your balance.

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