How to find the Central Bank CIF number Via Cheque Book, Mobile App, Customer Care, Online

 With the advent of modern technology, the banking sector has introduced digital banking services. Digital banking solves the problems experienced in traditional banking. Customers were reassured by the noticeable improvement in the banking sector.

It is worth considering introducing a CIF number in your bank. Each bank provides its customers with a unique CIF number. Banks have their own set of CIF numbers. See the customer information file number that indicates the electronic file. This digital file stores the account owner’s personal data and account details.

CIF numbers are very important in the banking industry and all account holders need to have information about their CIF numbers. If you have an account with the Central Bank of India, you will need to obtain a CIF number from the CBI Bank. The Central Bank of India assigns a set of 11 digits as the CIF number.

If you are looking for an online guide to help you find your CIF number at the Central Bank of India. So here I tell you that you have visited the correct website. This Bank With Us Guide provides complete steps to find your CIF number at the Central Bank of India. CIF is an acronym for Customer Information File. This is a document that mentions all the details of the account owner. Details such as account number, name, address, transaction. Everything is listed on the CIF.

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What does CIF Number mean 

 CIF No in the central bank means the customer information file number. This is a unique 10-digit number assigned to each customer individually. The Central Bank of India can have multiple accounts at different branches of the bank, but they will have the same CIF number.

Bank personnel can use a customer’s CIF number to see all the details of a bank’s customers in one place. In some banks, it is also called the customer ID.

When do I need a CIF number?

  • Central bank CIF is required when registering and logging in to the CBI mobile application
  • CBI CIF number is required to register for the central bank’s online banking service for the first time
  • To use major banking services that require you to submit a written request to your local branch, you will need to provide your CIF number.

How to find the Central Bank CIF number online without a passbook

  • Go to the official website of the Central Bank of India
  • Click the Internet Banking option.
  • Then go to “Personal Internet Banking” and click “Login”
  • Then click the Click here to continue button
  • Then click the Get CIF number option in the upper right corner of the login page.
  • Enter your Central Bank of India account number and click Submit
  • Enter the 6-digit OTP you received with your registered mobile number and click Submit
  • The central bank CIFID is displayed on the screen

How to find the Central Bank CIF number By Calling Customer Care Number

  • Call 1800 22 1911 and follow the instructions to consult your customer service manager
  • Here, the customer service manager requests some details to verify the authenticity of the account owner.
  • First you have to say your name (the name of the account holder)
  • Next, please tell me the account number of Central Bank of India
  • Next, you need to tell D.O.B (date of birth)
  • Next, you need to confirm the registered mobile phone number
  • You can also request the full address by zip code
  • In addition, you may be prompted to specify the last two transactions using the amount and date made in your account.
  • After reviewing all the details, the customer service manager will give you a 10 digit CIF number
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How to find the Central Bank CIF number By Using  Cent mPassbook Mobile App

  • Download the Cent-mPassbook application to your mobile phone.
  • Once downloaded, open the application and log in using your username and password.
  • (Or, if you are a first-time user, please register with the application)
  • Then click the User Profile option from the menu.
  • This will display the CIF number.

How to find the Central Bank CIF Number Through Cheque Book 

  • Open the first page of Passbook of the Central bank of India
  • The first page of the checkbook contains details about the account holder, such as name, address, and account number.
  • Below these details, the CIF number is printed on that page.
  • Get the CIF number from the Central Bank of India and write it down somewhere for future use

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