How to Sell your Products on Meesho Online: Step by Step Guide

 If you’re looking for some income from selling unused clothing, Meesho is a well-known and suitable platform for resale. This online shopping portal helps you sell unused clothes and accessories at the lowest prices. We also sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, home appliances, electrical appliances, cosmetics and more to a wide range of online shopping customers.

While doing business at Meesho, you can be a customer or supplier. To become a buyer, the person has access to purchase various products at an affordable price. The seller must follow certain procedures and conditions in order to improve some of Meesho in the provision of services.

First, the seller / supplier must create an account to become a Meesho business owner. You are also responsible for paying 1.8% of the products sold as a commission rate.

Meesho is an e-commerce company that revolves around the concept of product resale, created to defend against other social networks and get products at low prices, and was introduced by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwell in 2015.

What is Meesho Seller Panel?

E-commerce has revolutionized the way we buy. Almost everyone who wants to grow their business is signed up for e-commerce. But have you ever considered selling on social media? Meesho introduced a different concept of resale. This is the first of its kind to allow users to sell in social applications used by almost everyone. Meesho’s sales panel has 1 million resellers. (How to sell at Meesho ?)

Meesho is an online social trading platform. Founded in December 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, it is based in Bangalore. They both graduated from IIT Delhi. Invested by Facebook, it became the first Indian start-up to be invested by Facebook. Unlike other markets, you can start your business using social applications instead of sales portals. With Meesho, you can easily work from home.

Registering as a seller for Meesho is quick and easy. Meesho allows small businesses and freelancers to start an online business through social applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Without investment. If you want to start an e-commerce business in India, you need to enter the meestho sales panel. Meesho follows the concept of resale.

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By registering to create an account for Meestho sellers, you can add clothing, household and kitchen utensils, and other lifestyle essentials to the Meesho application (users can also list their products). There is a well-established catalog containing high quality products in the category of. Users need to download the application and select product categories to sell and broadcast between social groups.

The cool part is that resellers can price their products. So, after being shared in a social application, if anyone is interested, you can decide the selling price of the product yourself. The profit margin is calculated based on the selling price determined by the reseller. Selling on Amazon India is quite different from selling on meestho.

Customers don’t know they’re buying at the most exclusive shopping centers. You are the owner of the company here. Here you can determine the selling price and profit margin. Once the transaction is complete, the reseller can place an order on behalf of the customer. Resellers can also provide the address and company name that customers will see when they receive an order. Displays the address and company name where the order was received. Therefore, you can specify the name of the company.

Therefore, users registered with Meesho are known as resellers, not sellers. There are also attractive commissions when sales goals are met. People use social networks so often that it’s an interesting concept to start selling through social applications to reach your largest audience.

All you have to do is download the Meesho seller app to get started. Meesho is basically a reseller application that allows resellers to sell their products on their platform and earn margins with zero investment. So you are the seller here and your friends and family will be your customers. If you already have a lot of followers on social platforms, you can go.

For anyone who wants to list their products on Meesho and become a Meesho seller, it’s a very easy process. You list your products. Resellers sell their products. Therefore, these users only list the products and the rest is handled by Meesho’s reseller and shipping team.

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Steps you can follow to sell products on Meesho:

Step1. Setup an account on Meesho

  • When you’re ready to start a business or sell a product, the first thing to do is register with the Meesho Supplier Panel using the GSTIN, PAN card, and bank account required to create your account. That is.
  • When you create an account, you will be prompted to add GSTIN. 
  • Then enter the collection address and bank account details.
  • After successfully registering as a supplier , go to the Meesho supplier website and log in using your email ID and password.

Step2. List products on Meesho to Sell on Meesho

Once you have registered with the Meesho Sales Panel, the next step is to list the products you want to sell according to the catalog you have selected.
If you are looking for more orders, please create 3-4 catalogs. For example, if you’re selling clothes for women, men, and children, it’s best to create a catalog and list your products accordingly. You also need the size, weight, and price of the product. You can also add an image of the product. 

Step3. Start receiving orders

Once by enrolled, resellers can share and start selling. With the increasing number of people working on social media these days, there are many potential customers. You need to post your product to various social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. To create demand for your product.

You will receive your order as soon as you have logged in to the bestseller. 
Resellers can also order on behalf of their customers. Ordering with the Meesho application is very simple and easy. Add the item to your cart, enter the customer’s delivery and billing details, and add the company name and number to display to the customer when the order is received.

Set4. Start Packaging and Delivery of products

When you receive your order, you will be notified by email and on the Meesho supplier panel. All you have to do is pack the product, download the label and put the label on the package. Meesho’s Logistics Partner receives the package and delivers it directly to the customer.

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Step5. Receive quick payments for your Products

There are online and offline payment methods. Once the order is placed, the reseller can receive a margin after receiving the payment from the customer. Payment will be delivered to your bank account within 15 days of receiving your order.
Also, if you have payment issues, most high-end sales support will help you resolve all inquiries from sellers and resellers.

Best Tips to Boost your sales on Meesho :

  • The more catalogs you upload, the more likely you are to receive an order. Generally, you need 5-7 catalogs to get an order on the Meesho platform. 
  • The price should be such that there is enough room for the reseller to set a margin. The larger the margin, the more share you can get in the catalog.
  • Please list popular products and place an order. 
  • Always choose the next day shipping program. This program requires the supplier to ship the order the day after it is received. This allows you to increase your order volume.

Benefits and Advantages of Meesho Seller  Platform 

  • Meesho resellers can create their own brand by reselling Meesho products. It allows people to start and develop their business without investing. Registering with Meesho gives you a seller identity.
  • Meesho provides a secure payment gateway. You can pay online or offline. If you have a payment problem, we have a support team to help you resolve your question.
  • The Meesho application is easy to use and everything from product selection to payment is simple. It is designed so that even ordinary people can use it without any problems.
  • The supplier simply uploads the catalog to the Meesho app and confirms the notification if there is an order. The rest of the tasks are handled by the Meesho team and resellers.
  • Meesho has strict quality control on its products and only employs high quality suppliers. In that case, there is no problem with the quality of the product. Return and exchange options are also available if the customer is not satisfied with the product.
  • Meesho already has a large customer base. Once you start your business, you can use the Meesho application to contact resellers and build a network to take your business to the next level.

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