How to Delete Paytm Account Permanently/temporarily 2022 (100% Verified)

 Welcome. Hope you are all safe . In today’s article, you will learn how to permanently delete Paytm account in 2022.Paytm is the most popular e-commerce payment system marketed in India. Paytm includes everything from clothing to travel tickets on one platform.

 Paytm is not only involved in providing quality services, fees, taxes, etc. It offers the best return on investment compared to similar destinations in India. However, if you want to remove your Paytm number, read on. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete a Paytm account.

There are many reasons why you might want to deactivate your Paytm account. All Paytm users are required to complete the KYC with legal documents because RBI has mandated the KYC for all digital banking users. So they are looking for a way to eliminate those who have generated 2-3 or more Paytm accounts.

They can steal your phone, block your SIM card, or prevent you from paying Paytm. The explanation is still the same problem except how to delete the Paytm account. Now it is true that your account cannot be closed even if you pay for no reason. So, how do you uninstall Paytm?

There is no special option to delete your account in the Paytm app, but you can still use a method to delete your Paytm account.

How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently Via Mail

  • First, go to your email options and sign in with the email record of the paytm account you want to delete.
  • Click Write New Message.
  • Type “Please delete my paytm account” in the name.
  •  Now note the reasons why you want to delete your paytm account. Please provide a valid reason and provide detailed information along with your account number, such as paytm number, paytm account name, email etc.
  • Download your government list with your contact details. Aadhaar card, ballot or supporter card, etc.
  • Email it to: [email protected]
  •  Click Submit and wait for the response. After a while, your account will be deleted.

How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently Via Customer Care 

This is one of the best ways to delete paytm accounts. Paytm customers can request an account closure by contacting them directly. It should work in many situations. So, if you want to delete your payment account, please follow the procedure below.

  • You must call Paytm customer service at your cell phone number. 
  • Call 01203888388.
  • Talk to them and ask them to delete your Paytm account.
  •  “Why do you want to cancel? Instead, you’ll be asked lots of questions, like yours. 
  • Please respond carefully and request deletion of the account. 
  • Your request will be processed and a confirmation will be sent to your cell phone number.

How To Delete Paytm Account Permanently Via Paytm Old App

A very easy way to delete your Paytm account. Paytm removes the account option from the latest version of the mobile app. This option is also available in previous versions of the Paytm app. So I will delete my Paytm number using outdated Paytm version. Follow these steps:

  • First, download the previous Paytm app.
  • Login in to your account
  • Access your profile in the app. 
  • Click on “Contact us”.
  • Then click on “Add options”.
  • In the tutorial, type “Delete my Paytm account”. 
  • Please explain why you want to delete your account.
  •  Submit a request to cancel your Paytm account. 
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How To temporarily deactivate Paytm Account 

You can temporarily deactivate your Paytm account if you lose your phone or your financial information is compromised. This will help you protect your balance and maintain your business history. You can unblock later and log back into your Paytm account.To temporarily deactivate your paytm account, follow these steps::

  • Download the latest version of the paytm app to your phone and sign in with the account you want to delete. 
  • Go to the Profile section of the Paytm application and click on “24 × 7 Help”.
  •  Click on “Manage my paytm account”.
  •  Then select the option “I lost my phone / change my number”.
  • Select “I cannot access my account”.
  • In Options, select “I must block my account”.
  • They will ask you to provide your account details. Please provide all correct details.
  • Next, submit a block request. 
  • Paytm will send you a confirmation message when the problem is resolved.
  •  Paytm will therefore temporarily block your account. 

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