UTS Webmail: Best Way to Access UTS Email 2022

As an enrolled UTS pupil, you get hold of a UTS Student ID wide variety related with a UTS Webmail deal with and some of key UTS structures along with UTS Canvas. Your UTS e mail account makes use of Microsoft Office365.

This account may be your account from the day you join till the day you graduate from the University of Technology Sydney. It affords you clean get admission to to diverse UTS structures with a view to help you at some point of your studies.

How to log into UTS Webmail

Log into the Microsoft login page (opens the Microsoft login website).

Sign in together along with your username as pupil-wide, for example,

Enter your IT password.

Click or faucet to pick out Sign in.

How to spark off your UTS Webmail

Your UTS Student Account is created after you’ve got got enrolled. You need to then spark off your account.

To spark off your account you’ll want to:


  • Go to the UTS:My Account website
  • Enter your Student Identification (Student ID) wide variety
  • Enter the desired non-public details
  • Enter your delivery date in keeping with the layout withinside the example: dd/mm/yy (some other date layout will bring about an error)


Read and recognize the relevant UTS Webmail regulations and hints and tick the 4 containers listed (through activating your account you compromise to abide through all UTS regulations and policies particularly bearing on the Acceptable Use Policy. Breaches of regulations and hints might also additionally result in locking of pupil accounts, disciplinary action, and initiation of felony system or expulsion).

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Set up three (3) Security Questions – you’ll want to make certain which you recollect the solutions to those questions as those may be used to confirm your identity in future

Create a Password – Your password need to be eight to sixteen characters long, and may simplest comprise letters, numbers, and logos however MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE OF EACH. Spaces aren’t allowed. Do now no longer use your UTS ID wide variety. Do now no longer use your preceding password.

If you’ve got got installation your password correctly, you’ll see a affirmation that your account has been activated and you may see your UTS e mail deal with.

Video on a way to spark off your UTS Webmail

Forgot your password?

Your password – the only mystery you ought to in no way share. Disclosing or sharing your password breaches UTS policies and regulations. There are some of protection dangers that might stand up from sharing.

To reset your password:


  • Go to Password Reset (opens the password reset facility).
  • Enter your Student Identification (Student ID) wide variety.
  • Enter the desired non-public details.
  • Enter your delivery date the usage of the layout withinside the example: dd/mm/yyyy (some other date layout will bring about an error).
  • Answer your protection question (those are questions which you at the beginning installation).
  • Enter in a brand new password.

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