Top Business Schools in World (2022)

 Top business schools in the US and Canada

Four of the American business schools are ranked among the top 10 in the world. The best of these is Harvard University – which holds the title of the highest world ranking for the sixth year in a row. Harvard Business School deserves the perfect mark for its employer reputation. The school has a strong alumni network and business school alumni are expected to earn a median basic salary of $ 150,000.

Many of the best business schools in the world will be located in North America this year, 105 in the United States and 22 in Canada. In North America, there are an impressive 16 universities ranked among the top 50 in the world in terms of business.

There are 18 Canadian business schools in the ranking, with two universities ranking in the world’s top 50 – the University of Toronto (38th place) and the University of British Columbia (45th place). Both schools received strong H-index scores, indicating the productivity and influence of business school teachers.

Top business schools in Europe

  • Europe is the best represented region in the ranking of business schools with 216 schools, including six in the top 10.
  • For the third year in a row, INSEAD has been rated the best business school in continental Europe: one of 13 French institutions on display this year. INSEAD International Business School has campuses in France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and San Francisco. This year deserves a perfect mark of academic reputation, with the course placing great emphasis on diversity.
  • London Business School is again the largest institution in the United Kingdom, in third place. It is one of 62 British business schools in this year’s rankings, seven of which are in the top 50. Oxford University reached the top ten this year and convinced the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE, 11th). Another important driver of the index this year was Imperial College London, which fell by 10 places to 34th place.
  • In Spain, the IESE Business School saw an increase in the index this year, with four places to 25th. However, it was ESADE Business School that again took first place, in 21st place. ESADE is known for the quality of its research and education and receives the highest marks in research citations on paper indicators. The School Institute for Social Innovation produces research that is used by companies, social entrepreneurs, NGOs and non-profit organizations.
  • Copenhagen Business School (15th) is one of five Danish universities this year. The Netherlands’ Erasmus University Rotterdam (16th) is ranked among 11 universities, three of which are 100 in the world for business. Other famous European top 50 business schools include the French ESSEC Business School, Paris (33rd) and the Austrian WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) in 42nd place.
  • Top business schools in Asia
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This year, there are 110 Asian business schools in the ranking, including 11 in the global top 50.

The highest rated school in Asia is the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 12th place in the world. This year, NUS received high marks for its academic reputation. It emphasizes transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic and keeps student feedback forms open to the entire community so that they can continually improve the standards of their classes.

Two other Singapore schools reached the top 50 (out of four evaluated schools) – Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 20th place (four places this year) and Singapore Management University in joint 38th place.

The best represented region in Asia for business schools is mainland China with 21 assessment institutions. Four of them are in the world’s top 50: Tsinghua University (31st), Peking University (35th), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (common 36th) and Fudan University 50th.

Hong Kong also has a significant presence in the top 50 worldwide, with seven business schools on display and the highest ranking, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), ranking 22nd overall. HKUST trading courses cover a wide range of topics, from Chinese trade through Asian financial markets to business.

Two South Korean schools topped Asia’s presence in the world’s top 50 Seoul National University (SNU) in 41st place and Korea University in 48th place.

Two Indian institutions, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Ahmedabad and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Bangalore, ranked in the global top 100, 76th and joint 80th.

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Top business schools in Australia and New Zealand

This year’s ranking lists 23 business schools from Australia and seven from New Zealand.

The top rated Australian program is located at the University of Melbourne, which is ranked 26th in the world. The University of Melbourne prepares graduates for successful business careers, combines theoretical lessons with real-life study and even offers industrial integration programs.

Other Australian schools in the global top 50 are the University of New South Wales (UNSW, down from sixth to 40th place), The University of Sydney (43rd) and Monash University (joint 45th).

New Zealand does not have the top 50 business schools in the world, but its highest-ranking school, The University of Auckland (common 94th), has high scores in paper research citations and in H-index indicators. It is home to 10 research and engagement centers, including the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Top business schools in Latin America

This year’s ranking lists 29 business schools in Latin America. The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Chile (51st) is the highest ranked university in Latin America this year and deserves an even higher mark for its reputation as an employer. Chile has a total of six universities in the index this year, three of which are in the top 100.

Colombia is the best represented country in Latin America with 11 business schools in the ranking. One of them placed in the top 100: Universidad de Los Andes Colombia (Uniandes) in 89th place, with a high score in the research citations according to papers and H-index indicators.

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Among the six registered in Brazil this year is the Universidade de São Paulo (USP, joint 90th place). The USP soon gained a leading role in many different fields as a research center and was responsible for nearly 20 percent of all academic output in Brazil, earning a high mark for the indication. in this year’s H index.

Two types of business schools will appear in Argentina this year: Universidad de Buenos Aires (151-200) and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (351-400). Peru has three, including two new participants in 2021: Universidad del Pacifico (351-400) and Universidad ESAN (501-550).

Costa Rica also brought a new entry to the index this year, with INCAE Business School reaching 451-500. He deserves a high mark for his academic reputation.

 Top business schools in Africa and the Middle East

There are six universities in Africa, three universities in Egypt and three universities in South Africa in the business school rankings.

The highest university on the continent is The American University in Cairo, which ranks 201-250. The business course at the American University in Cairo prepares students for a career in business and integrates real-world experience into the entire curriculum.

Fifteen schools in the Middle East ranked first, with the Lebanese American University of Beirut (AUB) ranking at most 151-200 and rising to 50 this year.

The American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) of Saudi Arabia ranked almost second, with both schools ranking 201-250 this year. Jordan, Qatar and Oman are ranked one business school this year, and a new entry into Kuwait, the American University of the Middle East (AUM), is ranked 451-500. <

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