How to Login for Airtel Payments Bank Net Banking, Login, IFSC Code , Customer Care Number

 Airtel Payments Bank is a payment bank whose funds are in your mobile wallet. In this bank you can open an account with zero balance without a pen. Here the cell phone number is the account number. You don’t have to worry about opening an Airtel payment bank account, and you can open an account by visiting the Airtel point of sale or using the Airtel Thanks app. After opening an account in this bank, you also receive a virtual MasterCard debit card. In addition, you will receive a lot of interest and repayments from this bank.

Airtel is the fastest growing and leading telecommunications company in India, founded in 1995, a period of rapid growth in the telecommunications industry in India. The owner of Airtel is Sunil Bharti Mittal, who founded the company on July 7, 1995. You can think of him as the founder of Airtel. He set up his first business in Delhi.

Airtel became the first company in India to reach over 2 million customers in a short period of time. Since then, Airtel has opened Airtel Payments Bank to provide a variety of services such as e-commerce. Internet banking makes all banking tasks much easier, such as checking balances, paying bills, reviewing account conditions, paying tuition, paying bills, returning or paying bills. online stores. There are a lot of things you can do with online banking, but if you use online banking, don’t share your username and password with anyone.

Along with this, it is very important to have an account with Airtel Payments Bank for internet banking. Indeed, the bank will give you a unique username and password after opening an account. You cannot use Internet banking services until you receive your username and password.

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 How to Login for Airtel Payments Bank Net Banking

At Airtel Bank, the most important is net banking or internet banking. There are a lot of convenient places available here. This function makes it easy to send money from here to there. You will need a username and password to use Airtel Payments Banks NetBanking. You need to go to the nearest Airtel branch to get your username and password. If you go there and submit valid information, you can get your username by advertising. These features are only available at Airtel branches, but you can use your phone to create a username.

  • Visit and have the option to enter the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Click Save Selected, enter your mobile phone number and mpin, then click Save Safely.
  • Access Airtel Payments Bank online services.
  • You can now use any service you need.

IFCS Code for Airtel Payments Bank

You will need to transfer funds from your Airtel Payments Bank account to another account. Then you will need a code. This policy is called the IFSC. The full form of the IFSC Code is the Indian Financial System Code. The IFSC code for Airtel Payments Bank is AIRP0000001. IFSC rules may vary from branch to branch, but the model is the same. In the IFSC Airtel Payments Bank code, the first 4 digits (AIRP) represent the name of the bank and the 5th digit is X, reserved for future use. The last 6 digits (XXXXXX) represent the Airtel Bank branch code.

Customer Care Number for Airtel Payments Bank

If you have any problems or need information. Next, you need to know the Airtel Payments Bank customer control number. Customers can visit the bank through a Twitter account and enter the questions. You can file your complaint and request by e-mail to your bank. Airtel Payments Bank’s customer service phone number is 91-8800688006 and the email id is [email protected] You can visit the official website for more contact information. The official website link is When you open the portal, you will see a banking contact page.

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