How To Delete Flipkart Account Permanently/temporarily (100% Verified)

 Welcome back to my last article if you have a Flipkart account. You want to permanently delete your Flipkart account, so this post is for you.

Because in this post we will show you how to close your Flipkart account 100% (step by step).

We’ll take a few before the trial. Knowledge of Flipkart is the most powerful shopping website for woo-commerce in India.

And the founder of Flipkart is Kalyan Krishnamurthy; was launched in October 2007 with 80 million products and categories. Note: – This is the same process in the mobile app and on the web.

How to permanently delete your Flipkart Account 2022

Follow my simple steps; then you can easily delete the account 100%.

  • Open our Flipkart application on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to your account using your email ID and password
  • Click the three-row icon in the sidebar
  • Click to see the settings option for my account
  • Click on my account
  • Click the pencil icon on the sidebar
  • The option to deactivate the account is displayed
  • Then click Disable Account
  • Enter password
  • And then click to confirm deactivation
  • Click the “OK” button again.
  • After clicking to deactivate
  • button, your account will be successfully permanently deleted. let’s enjoy

After deleting the Flipkart account

  • 1. you can see while your profile on Flipkart
  • 2. Log out of your account to which you will not have access
  • 3. you can see your profile on Flipkart
  • 4. You will subscribe to promotional emails on Flipkart
  • 5. It will not be possible to obtain the request as long as it is accessible via the associated public hyperlink. 
  • 6. Your reviews and ratings will still be visible after you delete your Flipkart profile
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How to delete bank account information from Flipkart

In some cases, we will not share our bank details anywhere. But in any case, we are already moving to shopping sites such as Amazon Flipkart, Myntra and others.

In this article, we will try to explain how you can clean up a bank account on the Flipkart store website.

Follow my simple steps; then you can easily delete bank accounts and credit card information 100% of your account. 

  • Open the Flipkart application
  • Don’t forget to log in to your account.
  • Click on the three-dot icon.
  • Please scroll up to and click on My Account.
  • You can see my cards and my wallet
  • Click to view details
  • You will then see your saved bank accounts
  • Tap the icon on the map
  • Click Delete Map
  • Tap again to confirm
  • After clicking the Confirm button, your bank account will load successfully. Lets In Joy

How to Reactivate your Flipkart account

Sometimes our Flipkart account is automatically deactivated. We don’t understand why my account was disabled. However, Flipkart won’t completely delete your account, so this post explains how you can quickly restore my Flipkart account.

Note: – This activation process only works on the site version

Follow these steps to resolve your question about how to activate your Flipkart account

  • 1. Open Chrome on your computer
  • 2. Visit and click on the Sign Up tab
  • 3. Enter the mobile phone registration number
  • 4. Click Forgot Password
  • 5. After clicking on the forgotten password, you will get OTP
  • 6. enter the OTP password
  • 7. Create a new Flipkart password
  • 8. Then click again
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after reactivating the Activate button, your account will be reactivated 100% automatically, but if your account cannot be reactivated, contact customer support

Flipkart customer care number

  • This is the official Flipkart customer care issue
  • 1800 208 9898
  • You can be contacted for more information about your inquiry

How to create a Flipkart account

In some cases, Flipkart does not hold your accounts

And you don’t want to reactivate our current account

that is, if there is only one chance of creating a new account and a new version.

So let’s get started

follow the instructions to create a new account

  • Open the Flipkart application
  • Click the three-point option
  • Click on my account
  • Enter mobile phone number or (optional email ID)
  • Accept the mobile number provided by OTP
  • Fill in the OTP
  • Click the Enter a name box
  • Write your real name
  • after filling in your name or surname, your account was successfully created

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