announces the first Hollywood DAO to place films in the hands of fans

Today, announced that it would launch DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The project, which claims the title of DAO’s first filmmaking, aims to bring Hollywood to a blockchain. DAO basically intends to use Hollywood’s power to make feature films and put them in the hands of fans and creators. is looking for a Hollywood screenplay by overturning his DAO

The team has extensive experience in the crypto, entertainment and technology sectors. So they took the knowledge base and used it to develop this new DAO.

In short, its mission is to use the blockchain to overcome famous Hollywood barriers to entry for creators. In addition, they hope that this model will make the film industry more transparent and honest. To this end, is dedicated to creating an inclusive DAO, open to fans, filmmakers and investors from all over the world.

Because the full creation of the DAO took some time, there was a body that initially managed. This body is the Global Creativity Foundation – a non-profit charity. Over time, DAO will take on additional managerial responsibilities on the way to full operation of

In addition, will be free for filmmakers, which will provide them with a platform for audience building as well as funding for their films. Through the same token, will provide filmmakers with access to an engine powered by artificial intelligence. They can thus connect with film funds, studios and networks. person with two tokens representing two tokens

How FAN and FILM tokens work

Another important point about is the two token system. The first are FAN tokens, which are management tokens that people use to participate and trade within the DAO. In fact, FAN tokens play an important role in how the Global Creativity Foundation provides funding to filmmakers.

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As Bryan Hertz, co-creator of on NFTevening, said,

“DAO has a 100% influence on the funds invested by the foundation as a subsidy to filmmakers. The Foundation will award grants based on the highest Go score, which is mostly controlled by DAO votes (through a deposit of FAN Tokens).

The second is FILM tokens, which will be launched on the platform soon. Movie tokens are actually used by people to support projects. For example, DAO members can use FILM tokens for crowdfunding, DeFi loans, NFT campaigns, and other funding options.

Overall, is a good example of Web3’s promise to be an equalizer in the industry.

“As bitcoin democratizes money, we are facing a major shift in centralized power management and decision-making in the entertainment industry,” Hertz said. Creators and fans can apply to reserve to enter the platform today Anyone interested in booking a place to enter the platform can register here. It allows people to add their own projects, access exclusive NFTs and participate in gifts. Not to mention that they can get 1000 FAN tokens for free. In other words, they can immediately start promoting their favorite content.

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