Sega is trying to integrate the NFT into the new “Super Game” project.

Japanese game publisher Sega is trying to integrate NFT and cloud support into the new “Super Game” project. The proposal was made during an interview on the company’s Japanese recruitment website.

According to producer Sega Masayoshi Kikuchi, such a step is inevitable. In his own words, “It’s a natural extension for the future of gaming that will expand into new areas like cloud gaming and the NFT.”

Project Sega ‘Super Game’: What you need to know

During Sega’s presentation in fiscal 2021, the company outlined its plans to create the “Super Game” project. The project is a 5-year initiative that will host a wide range of multiplatform AAA titles. According to executive vice president Sega Shuji Utsumi, several titles for the ‘Super Game’ project are launched today. In fact, the company intends to invest $ 800 million in the project.

Feedback from traditional players

Not surprisingly, this news has provoked opposition from anti-crypto players. Twitter user @DynamoSuperX replied with a tweet: “EDITION. Why SEGA?”. Some Sega fans have also questioned the need to integrate NFT with Super Game, as the games are playable for different consoles. Sega fans are often reluctant to sit on the news. In fact, Sega had to continue playing P2E NFT games in February until fans stopped seeing it as a hoard.

Final thoughts

However, in January this year, Sega registered a trademark for the term “Sega NFT”. Given the pace of development, it will be a matter of time before business projects such as the Super Game will also include the NFT. However, Sega is not alone in its field of Web 3. It is said that Activision Blizzard may also include NFT in Call of Duty games.

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