Snoop Dogg has announced Sandbox Concert and Metaverse Music Video

Snoop Dogg has again expanded its NFT and metaverse businesses and has now announced a Sandbox concert and metaverse based music video. This was announced by Arthur Madrid, CEO and co-founder of The Sandbox.

Snoop Dogga’s music video ‘House I Built’ shows many aspects of The Sandbox.

Snoop Dogg’s Sandbox concert

There is not much information about the concert, even though it is working, as confirmed in Madrid.

We saw a lot of concerts in The Sandbox and Decentraland. From Steve Aoki to Masked Wolf. Many people seem to enjoy these concerts uniquely and always want to see more.

In Metaverse, artists like Snoop Dogg can perform anywhere in the world while people attend their concerts from the comfort of their own homes. Even if you have a VR headset on your head and only watch the concert, you can still communicate with others in a shared virtual concert space or via live chats during the show.

Before the growing popularity of NFT-based metaversion platforms, we saw Fortnite concerts such as Travis Scott and Marshmello. These concerts took place in the middle of the first coronavirus outage in an effort to attract fans.

Metaverse music video

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg released his official music video for “House I Built.” Inside the video you can see many voxel characters he has created. Like the other characters in The Sandbox and the buildings that are part of SnoopVerse on the platform.

There are several references to The Sandbox in the song. From “So, uh, how much is my sandbox now? Your sand, your sand?” k “Walk through the sandbox with flip-flops” and “In my sandpit with your feet up (feet up)”.

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This, the creation of a song about the metaverse and the NFT, was probably expected from Snoop Dogg when he invested in the Sandbox platform. Through a lot of collaboration on the platform and a lot of money invested, Snoop has become a superpower on the platform, metaverse and NFT in general.

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