BAYC Supergroup KINGSHIP announces NFT Passy for IRL Music Events

KINGSHIP, our favorite BAYC supergroup, now issues 10,000 KINGSHIP key cards. These access-enabled NFTs will give collectors access to their future virtual world. In addition, it also offers access to music, products, experiences and a token gateway community.

KINGSHIP key cards: Your keys to exclusivity

When we saw the Universal Music Group collaboration on Web3 at 10:22 PM, we didn’t expect anything small from KINGSHIP. He is now building four towers on the island, one for each band member. Each of the KINGSHIP key cards provides access to one of four towers, where each tower has its own unique features and abilities.

To get the key cards in all 4 towers, some can enter the floating villa at the top of the towers where the spell actually takes place.

Currently, the authorization list registration is open to anyone. This registration ends on May 12, 2022 at 4:00 PM. UTC. The project gives high priority to some selected communities in the area. These include BAYC, MAYC, Doodles, SupDucks, World of Women, The Littles and Avastars. Each of these projects will receive 1,000 seats on the allowance list, of which the public will receive 1,000 seats.

Selected communities have access 3 hours in advance to create their key KINGSHIP cards. To qualify, they must follow their Twitter account, participate in their Discord, and have at least 0.19 ETH in their wallets.

Meet the KINGSHIP crew

Currently, 4 major KINGSHIP members lead the metaverse fee. CEO and Founder Celine Joshua is a widely recognized figure in the music industry with a record of creating new commercial opportunities in the space. He is also Executive Vice President of Commercial Innovation and Art Strategy at Universal Media Group. I would say that the project is in good hands.

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Jimmy McNelis is another famous icon in the NFT space. Jimmy’s time with Avastars and Nameless has given him plenty of industry experience to lead this new project. He has also built an extensive network, including Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg and others. Not convinced yet? Fortune magazine named Jimmy one of the 50 most influential people on the NFT, such as Gary Vee and Beeple.

Jack Lanza was another important member of the crew. The creative and animated director is known for bringing the lives of monkeys. She has collaborated with Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others. From Disney and Cartoon Network to leading teams in various gaming companies, Jack has done it all.

Noët All is a manager and a monkey. She brings a lot of valuable experience from her days at BAYC Clubhouse and is ready to recharge key KINGSHIP cards. The crypto-millionaire is fluent in many languages ​​and is already working with the team on some top secret schemes. What’s more, he manages the team’s social networks and constantly updates the community.

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