How to block SBI ATM Card in few seconds ?

If your SBI ATM card is lost or stolen and you want to block your lost or stolen ATM card and you don’t know what to do, you have come to the right place. In this letter, we will explain all the ways to block the SBI ATM card.

Losing your ATM card can lead to misuse. The card should be blocked as soon as possible to prevent misuse. State Bank Of India has several ways to block SBI ATM cards. I am going to share all the possible ways. Choose the easiest one to Block your card.

Requirements to block SBI ATM card –

  • Bank Registered Mobile Number.
  • Your mobile number should be registered with SBI SMS Banking.
  • ATM Card Number.

How to block SBI ATM card immediately?

There are four ways to block an SBI bank card.

  • SMS
  • call
  • Internet banking.
  • mobile app

All the way easy. Now let’s talk about each option.

Method 1 – How to Block SBI ATM Card via SMS?

You can block your SBI ATM Card easily by sending an SMS. You should have

  • First of all, open your message box and create a message.
  • Type BLOCK <space> Last 4 Digits Of Your ATM Card. [Example: BLOCK 1234]
  • Send this message to 567676 from your registered mobile number.
  • If your details are correct, your Debit Card will be blocked.
  • You will also receive an agreement on the date and time of the blocking and the ticket number associated with the blocking card.
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Method 2 – How to prevent SBI ATM card from contacting customers?

  • Another easy way to prevent an ATM card from being lost or stolen is to call customer service.
  • Contact supervisor to block SBI ATM card
  • Call SBI ATM card blocking number – 18004253800 from your mobile number.
  • Now choose your language. Press ‘0’ to select the ATM card blocking option.
  • The customer service representative will answer the call.
  • The police will ask for your date of birth, name and address to verify your identity.
  • Once completed, your card will be blocked and you will receive your preferred ticket in the future.

Method 3 – How to Block SBI ATM Card from Online Banking?

  •  You can easily block your card in internet banking.
  • To do that, follow the following steps.
  • Go to –
  • Log in to your account with your credentials.
  • Block SBI Card with Online Banking
  • Now go to e-services > ATM card service > ATM card blocking. Block SBI card from e-commerce
  • Now select your account and click Continue. Block SBI bank card from online banking
  • The next screen will frequently display your ATM card.
  • First, select the card you want to deactivate.
  • Now select the reason. There are two reasons. One is “lost” and the other is “stolen”. Then click Submit.
  • Again, make sure you want to block the card.
  • Authenticate now using your password profile or your one-time password.
  • After verification, the card is blocked.

Method 4 – How to Block SBI ATM Card from Mobile App?

  • You can also block the card with the mobile app. The procedure is the same as for internet banking. If you’re having trouble blocking your card on the website, you can do the same in the mobile app.
  • First, download the SBI Anywhere app from the Play Store. Download Yono Lite for Android
  • After installing the app, just open the app.
  • You now have two options for logging in. One is by Easy PIN and the other is by password. Block SBI card from mobile app
  • If you are a new user, click on register and register for the SBI Anywhere app via online banking or debit card.
  • Enter with your certificate. Go to the app’s home page. Move your Services.Block SBI card directly to your mobile app now.
  • Select the debit card host card option. Block SBI debit cards from mobile app
  • Select the account number and debit card you want to block.
  • Please choose the reason ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’.
  • You can write the declaration or leave it in the corresponding box.
  • Click OK.
  • Enter OTP to send to your mobile number and click SUBMIT.
  •  The card is blocked and a warning window appears on the screen.
  • Please enter a conversion number for future reference.
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Conclusion: –

Protecting your SBI bank card is very simple. But not knowing the process can cause problems. We have covered all possible options in this post. I hope this letter has been helpful. There are four easy ways to block a card. choose the one that suits you best.

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