How to activate BoB credit card in few Steps ?

Bank of Baroda offers the best credit cards for Indian consumers. If you applied for and received a BoB debit card, you will need to activate the card online and offline. In this guide, we will see how to open a BoB debit card online in the usual instructions.

Requirements to Open your BoB debit card online –

The BoB credit card can only be activated once the card has been delivered.


  • BoB credit card number, expiration date.
  • Birthday card.
  •  You must have a registered cell phone number.


Now that you have all the details you need, tell us how to unlock your card.

How do I open a BoB debit card online?

There are three steps to activate your debit card.

Write your card on the site


  • Create a PIN
  • Open an online business
  • We will consider each step in detail –


Step 1 – How to register for the BoB credit card online?


  • Open the BoB Finance website in your computer/smartphone browser. –
  • Click on the SIGN UP option at the top of the page. Click on the sign up option on the Bob Financial website.
  • Enter your BoB debit card and its expiration date on the new page. Enter your Bob credit card number to activate it.
  • Please also enter your date of birth in DD / MM / YYYY format.
  • Finally, enter the correct captcha code, accept the terms and conditions and click on the activation button. You will now receive an OTP for your mobile number. Enter OTP from the screen and click Send button to enter OTP send to mobile number
  • You can now set up a user ID to access your debit card. Enter the required User ID. User IDs can contain letters and numbers.
  • Also set your password preferences. You will also need to configure the personal message you want on the new page. You can write easy-to-remember keywords or phrases.
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(Privacy is used to protect you from government-like phishing sites, however, you must verify your privacy each time you log in before logging in. This prevents phishing sites from capturing your access data.)

You can now access your debit card by entering your username and password. Your card is now registered on the site. You can now login to the website and manage your card at any time.

Step 2 – How to Create a Bob Credit Card PIN


  • You need to create a PIN before you can start using your card.
  • Click on the “Apply” option from the main menu of the homepage. Click on the Select option on the Bob Financial website.
  • Then click on the “Generate PIN” option.
  • Now select a card from the drop-down list. Enter otp to create a bob credit card PIN.
  • Access to OTP is obtained with a registered mobile number. Now you can print your favorite debit card via PIN. Enter the new PIN to create a Bob PIN debit card.
  • Enter your PIN again to confirm.
  • You can also set up your PIN by calling customers. Read our guide on how to create a BoB credit card PIN without internet.
  • Your BoB debit card PIN is now set. You can now start using your card through online and electronic transactions.


Step 3 – How to open an online business for your BoB debit card.


  • Enter your username and password to access your map.
  • Click on the “Apply” option from the main dashboard menu.
  • You can now click on the “Manage Restricted Card” option in the left menu. Line of credit for Bob’s credit card management Optional.
  • Now open the Domestic and Restricted Commercial (CNP) e-commerce options business page. Domestic restrictions on Bob’s credit card and e-commerce activation
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
  • You can now use your card anywhere online and at points of sale. Content –
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We’ve found three easy steps to activate your BoB debit card online. If you have any complaints/questions regarding the information in the sentences, please let us know in the comments below.

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