How to start today by collecting packages of the best NBA missiles

The NBA Top Shot has won countless fans with its Moment Packs, which evoke nostalgia and excitement in sports trading cards. Now, 17 months after its launch in October 2020, the NBA Top Shot itself is a complete NFT ecosystem.

Do you want to dive into the NBA Top Shot and even start collecting some packages? Let’s take a look at Top Shot today, how it works and how to start packing.

NBA Top Shot Starter Pack

NBA best missile background

NBA Top Shot is a collaboration between the NBA, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and blockchain company Dapper Labs. Top Shot essentially restores the experience of basketball trading cards on the blockchain by selling NFT packages called “Moments” on the Flowchain flowchain.

After all, the NBA Top Shot is one of the most important NFT collections in the industry’s short history. The explosion by the end of 2020 and early 2021 is bringing more primary attention to the NFT than ever before. Since its launch in October 2020, it has recorded total sales of more than $ 880 million.

How does the NBA Top Shot work?

The NBA Top Shot platform is basically a marketplace where people can sell digital trading cards in the form of NFT. As mentioned above, the individual NFT NBA Top Shot Moments are named. To illustrate, these moments are digital videos of major moments of major games in NBA history.

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Moments, packages, sets and series

In addition, Moments’ main sales will take place in “Packages”. NBA Top Shot decks work just like real trading decks. This means that the buyer has no idea what the individual moments are in the packages they are buying until he buys them and does not open them. In addition, the moments fall into three rare categories – ordinary, extraordinary and legendary.

The NBA Top Shot releases its packages as part of kits (more below) that are themselves part of a series. The series is equivalent to the current NBA season. For example, Top Shot is now in Series 3 because we are in the third season of the NBA, which has taken place since the launch of Top Shot.

It is important to remember that the rarity of each opportunity may depend on the package or suite from which it is outside. There are basically two different types of sets: basic and non-basic. Bassets always have moments in common. Basic kits as such are the cheapest (from $ 9) and Dapper Labs releases these kits regularly.

In contrast, Non-Base Sets have packages with Rare or Legendary Moments, as well as Common Moments. As a result, NBA Top Shot packages from non-basic sets are more expensive. However, basic and non-basic kits are often for sale due to a lack of drops and high demand for Top Shot packages.

Thanks to the random assignment of moments in packages, the NBA Top Shot has a thriving secondary market for the required moments. After all, like physical trading cards, there are countless NBA fans who pay the highest dollar for a moment with their favorite player, as a moment of historical play. .

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How to start collecting packages of the best NBA missiles

One of the reasons why the NBA took over Top Shot first and remains relevant is the fact that launching Top Shot packages is easier than buying and running NFTs in the secondary market, especially in mining. Users can first sign up for a Dapper Labs account using their email address. Once they do, they are ready to start buying packages!

Pay at the NBA Top Shot Marketplace

Another important point is that the best moments and NBA packages are valued in USD. This means that you no longer need a cryptocurrency to purchase Top Shot packages. This means that you only buy packages and moments by debit or credit card. Thanks to this, you can also buy packages and moments with bitcoins, ether, bitcoin cash, DAI and USDC. Dapper Labs actually has its own currency called Dapper Balance. Like NBA Top Shot Packs and Moments, users can purchase Brave Balance using a debit card, credit card or cryptocurrency. Dapper Balance is not required to purchase NBA Top Shot packages, but Dapper suggests that users can shop faster.

Collect your first pack of the best NBA missiles

As mentioned above, the NBA Top Shot Packs sold out quickly. Fortunately, Dapper allowed everyone to buy their first package. To this end, the NBA Top Shot offers its $ 19 starter packs at the time of writing. These packages are only available to those who have previously purchased less than five packages. It serves people who are new to the NBA Top Shot.

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Each Starter Pack contains four Moments. Three of these moments are the moments of the base set series 3, which means that they are common. The fourth moment can be common, unusual or legendary.

Secondary market in NBA Top Shot

Due to the nature of the opening of NBA Top Shot Packs, you cannot purchase packages on the secondary market. Not to mention that many packages require users to have “Trade Tickets”, which they can only obtain through business opportunities. Therefore, purchasing individual moments in the sequel can also help people run Top Shot. The secondary Top Shot market plays just like the other NFT markets. In other words, the price depends very much on the occasion, the number of issues of a particular moment and the ID of the moment token. Moments can reach up to $ 2, with the most expensive sale – Legendary Lebron James Moment – $ 230,000.

The future for the NBA Top Shot

All in all, the NBA Top Shot has established itself as a huge NFT brand for a year and a half. It currently has more than 800,000 users and several major fans, including many current and former NBA stars. Although the path for the NBA Top Shot has not always been smooth and sales numbers have risen and fallen like the NFT in general, it still sells new packages. In fact, it has seen a 72% increase in sales volume over the last month. And given the NBA’s worldwide popularity and the fact that Top Shot is even easier than other markets, it seems fair to say that it won’t go anywhere soon.

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