Manchester City FC x Puma are collaborating on the release of the NFT collection

Hi Manchester City fans, this is for you! Man City teamed up with Puma and digital artist Musketon to launch the 93:20 NFT collection. Autumn is on the market at MakersPlace NFT on Friday 13 May at 20:00 UK time.

Memory ’93: 20 ‘

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Manchester City’s first Premier League title and the iconic 93:20, the football club dropped its 4th NFT collection. If you’ve forgotten about one of the most historic days in Man City history, here’s how it turned out. At the end of the match against QPR, they dropped to 2: 1 and the fans began to lose hope.

But two minutes after the injury, exactly 91:14, Edin Dzeko stood up and buried his head around the goalkeeper to equalize. The guests took the lead 93 minutes into the match, after a right-side attack resulted in a goal for the visitors. Sergio Aguero went through the hole and got the ball from Balotelli, and then …

At 93:20 Aguero hit the ball cleanly, it didn’t explode, Etihad exploded completely! Smiles, hugs, tears of joy immediately filled the stadium and Man City fans around the world. Whether you support the city or not, it’s something else.

 Manchester City x Puma x Musketon

When Manchester City approached Musketon to take part in the project, he immediately said yes. He is proud to be a part of creating a historic goal and much of the club’s football history. He brings his unique visual art style to this NFT, playing the essence of time to symbolize 93:20. There is also Puma ULTRA football boots on the artwork, which Puma will release on the same day as the NFT drops.

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There were only 120 pairs made in honor of the goal. You can see the 93:20 charts on the outside of the ship. In addition, the insole has the famous ‘Agueroooooooo!’ comment line. This Puma shoe uses the same color palette as the original PUMA v1.11 football boots worn by Sergio Aguero.

Former urban NFT

This is not the first rodeo club in the NFT area. Manchester City abandoned its first collection with Jon Noorlander in May 2021 to celebrate winning the Premier League title. Then they dropped out of their second collection with Alan Bolton. Creation drop describes an abstract representation of the process of creating the perfect soccer player. Subsequently, they worked with Sony Corporation to build a copy of Etihad Stadium in the metaverse. You can see all past NFTs at MakersPlace.

For Manchester City fans, getting this NFT means even more that they are part of an iconic experience. Don Dransfield from the city emphasized her devotion to the blockchain and the NFT space. They will also continue to work with renowned creative talents as well as various club partners.

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