Augmented Reality Platform announces full OpenSea compatibility

The Do It Yourself augmented reality platform Overly has announced the integration of OpenSea. In addition, NFT creators and owners can now communicate their digital tokens in real life with Overly.

Too much brings OpenSea NFT into augmented reality

OpenSea – Sobra augmented reality platform

Surplus is a code-free AR creation platform that offers creators and owners built-in snare-free imaging capabilities. In addition, developers can run their NFTs directly from the OpenSea NFT market with the Overly Augmented Reality platform. Unlike other augmented reality platforms, Overly missed the launch of the trading platform. However, its goal is to simplify the creation of an AR environment with OpenSea integration, which makes it a quick task to copy and paste.

Meanwhile, Overly users can add NFTs to the AR by copying a hyperlink to their digital properties in the Overly 3D editor. As a result, the system downloads NFT metadata and displays it directly from the host platform.

Similarly, users can also manually upload the file to the Overly AR authoring tool and visualize the NFT from other platforms. OpenSea Overly Creator currently supports NFT in 3D formats such as GLTF, GLB and FBX. In addition, it also supports 2D features, including JPG, PNG and MP4.

In addition, Overly also plans to link the augmented reality platform with many other NFT brands in addition to OpenSea. The Overly team also comes with a WebAR function so that the object is not marked.

“Currently, people can create, buy and view AR NFTs through a specialist provider or not at all,” said Overly CTO Gatis Zvejnieks. “People who buy 2D content on OpenSea can buy a 3D object the next day. Just because the NFT isn’t built on an AR-powered platform doesn’t mean people can’t transmit it through augmented reality.”

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