The Cheetah Cub Coalition NFT was removed and then rejoined OpenSea

The Cheetah Cub Coalition is the latest NFT project to gain OpenSea treatment from removal. In short, the NFT project protested against the decision on Twitter today. Especially since it came without explaining why it happened. As such, OpenSea re-listed it shortly afterwards.

The removal of the Cheetah Cub Coalition remains a worrying trend at OpenSea

For some background, the Cheetah Cub Coalition is a collection of 7,100 cute NFTs for a Cheetah Cub cub at the Ethereum blockchain. The cheetah cub apparently chose the number 7,100 to see how many leopards were still hunting in the woods.

The main mission of the Cheetah Cub Coalition is essentially to support nature conservation efforts. To this end, the NFT project receives one cheetah for each NFT it sells through its charity partner Born Free. The project has so far sold 1,126 NFT.

It is a pity that OpenSea will eliminate the NFT coalition Cheetah Cub, which does not appear to be in blue.

The NFT project required the help of its community to improve the situation, which it soon succeeded in doing. Credit: Cheetah Cub Coalition

Fortunately for the Cheetah Cub Coalition, OpenSea responded to its tweet in less than an hour. The answer was short and sweet: “Hello – sorry for the confusion, this collection is back.”

However, many NFT projects that are eliminated in the same way are not very successful. To note, Caked Apes, CryptoPunks V1 and even individual users have recently faced OpenSea due to their often mysterious removal. As a result, it raises questions about the fact that OpenSea contributes to the centralization of space and adds to the many criticisms leveled at the platform.

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If the Cheetah Cub Coalition works, it will be interesting to see if the ongoing removal of OpenSea from projects has many problems.

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