Refik Anadol Living Architecture: Batlló sold for 6,529 funds for $ 1.3 million

Living Architecture: Batlló by Refik Anadol sold for 6,529 funds for an incredible $ 1.3 million last night! Anadol’s work was part of the 21st Century Evening Sale auction held at Christie’s in New York City on May 10. It was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site to be sold as a digital token at the sale of an auction house.

Refik Anadol’s NFT sold at Christie’s for $ 1.3 million

“Living Architecture: Casa Batlló” is a dynamic NFT / AI data sculpture representing the iconic Gaudí building. The NFT, performed by a Turkish-American director and media artist, was transformed in real time with data from the facade. In addition, D-LAB, the Corporate Digital Innovation Center, has created a unique fragrance driven by artificial intelligence that represents the scent of home.

In addition to the virtual artwork, an IRL replica of the NFT is on display in front of Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza.

The photo shows an exhibition at NFT Refik Anadol

Anadol’s task is the same NFT at Christie’s auction this May 9-14.

The artwork is the same as the NFT’s famous “Christie’s Spring Marquee Week” auction, held May 9-14, featuring works by Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy and Van Gogh!

According to Anadol, one of the reasons why the project is so meaningful is to respect the use of historical data. In addition, it integrates future technologies such as AI Data, metaverse, NFT and blockchain. A work of art is “an uplifting image in which the past and the future are truly connected.”

Anadol dnates 10% of the proceeds to Spanish charities working with neurodiverse adults and children.

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