The Christofle x Exclusive NFT collection sold out in just 5 minutes

The Christofle and Exclusive NFT collection – “925 Genesis Mood” – sold out in five minutes. This collection opens the last chapter for Christofle. In addition, it shows how a 200-year-old brand can change and still maintain its core values.


The first NFT collection from the French silver company “925 Genesis MOOD” sold out in 5 minutes.

About the Christofle collection and the exclusive NFT

Christofle founder Charles Christofle founded the company with the aim of revolutionizing the production of silver home furniture. Quality and innovation are two core values ​​of the company that coincide with Exlusible’s values. Cooperation between the two is pointless.

The NFT collection “925 Genesis MOOD” is one of the brand’s bestsellers: Christofle’s MOOD 2015. THE MOOD is in the heart of the imaginary city called “Christofle Aurifaber Citatis”. This imaginary city was made of silver and gold. As a result, the architecture takes the visitor on an immersive journey.

 Benefits of 925 Genesis MOOD NFT

Holders of 529 NFTs can enjoy many benefits. This includes exclusive access to the sale of the limited edition “Christofle’s MOOD;” the opportunity to win one of the pieces from the MOOD collection; and access to the official Christofle quest as part of the upcoming 3rd series The Sandbox Alpha. In addition, holders have special access to the Discord community as well as whitelist sites for future drops. In addition, they also have access to special events.

Emilie Metge, CEO of the brand, said of the collaboration: “We are excited to join the metaverse era; with this new first NFT collection in line with our brand’s values ​​of courage, elegance, excellence and inclusiveness.”

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“With a bold and modern approach, we are translating our expertise into a new wave of the web; it’s all about community and ownership. We want to offer the Christofle community a way to experience and gain access to unique pieces of Christofle. ”

The success of this Genesis collection shows how the luxury goods sector has embraced the NFT. As a result, more and more luxury brands are joining the meta-version. Visionnaire, an Italian meta-luxury brand, recently announced the release of its first NFT.

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