The friends of your NFT will reconsider their pricing strategy after the violent accumulation

After receiving support from supporters, Friends With You reviewed their pricing strategy for the NFT collection. At the moment, it is planned to open a public auction of the Dutch auction at 4.2 ETH and reduce it every 30 minutes to 0.1 ETH. While developing a collection of 10,000 AI / AR cloud buddies can be expensive, buyers are reluctant to pay such a high fee for their personal friends. While many projects push the boundaries of “fair coin prices”, users have expressed concerns.

Friends will get backlogs with you for the price of the coin

Friends with you who are thinking about NFT prices

The date set for coin collection falls on the 26th day of this month. On day 26, nine coin slots will be auctioned so that the lucky ones have timely access to the character creator. Once each of the nine makes their friendships, they receive a 4 ′ bronze sculptor of their own design.

The Dutch auction is currently scheduled for Saturday, April 2, where the remaining 8,765 Friendsies will be sold for a starting price of 4.2 ETH. After several attacks by Friends of High Coin Prices, Friends responded to your problem via Twitter.

“We will consider your feedback and make changes. we take all suggestions seriously and thank you for taking care of the space. -Friends with your team

Friends With You “strives to create a Web3-based community driven by love, good vibes, and friendship.” But first, the project seems to run at exorbitant price auctions. That’s why while project fans are waiting for price updates, users are on the verge of considering an increase in cash catches with NFT projects. However, a good line has emerged, as the high cost of NFT collections can end abruptly.

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