What is a Good GMAT Score?

A good GMAT score is an important factor for all business school applicants who are trying to increase their chances of getting to the desired school.

However, according to business school admissions experts, what qualifies as a good GMAT score depends on the competition of the MBA programs the student wants to be admitted to and his or her demographic profile.

A good GMAT score will vary depending on the candidate and the school. Business schools want to have different lessons because it improves class discussion.

GMAT participants can expect a score from 200 to 800, with 800 being the highest possible score. MBA applicants should set their target GMAT score based on the average score accepted by their interest programs, according to entry experts. The primary goal of a B-school applicant should be to achieve a GMAT score that is so high that admissions officials have no doubt about academic readiness. They must also understand that these schools prefer applicants with impressive test results.

A full score of 800 will help students looking for a more selective school to make up for any shortcomings in the pointless aspect of their business school application. GMAT scores can be expected in universities, although lower rated schools are less likely to require such high scores. Usually a score of 650 or higher may qualify a person to consider in one of the top 20 business completion programs, but a score of 600 may be sufficient for a top 50 program. .

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, which designs and administers the GMAT, the average GMAT score for people who passed the exam from 2016 to December 2020 is 602.

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An applicant for a B-school with a low GMAT score, but if the evidence is not perfect, may persuade admissions officers to ignore an error in their application. You can have a lower grade and still get a prestigious school if your other papers are unique.

However, if you have a weakness elsewhere, you must have a good GMAT score. According to MBA entry experts, access to the top 10 business schools in the United States is difficult without a good GMAT score. Almost every student at a top school considers 700 to be a “good” GMAT mark.

Everything in the 99th percentile, 760 and above, is completely unique. Many students graduated from the GMAT after achieving more than 700 points to score 99 percent. On the other hand, anything under 680 can seriously damage your chances of getting into the top 10 schools. According to GMAC, potential business students who received the following GMAT scores between January 2016 and December 2020 performed the most tests.


  • 760 to 800 99%
  • 750 98%
  • 740 97%
  • 730 96%
  • 720 94%
  • 710 91%
  • 700 88%
  • 690 85%
  • 680 82%
  • 670 80%
  • 660 77%
  • 650 73%

However, potential business students should be aware that the MBA admission process is influenced by many factors other than the GMAT score. A college GPA candidate, career path, and extracurricular attendance are considered a supplement to the GMAT score. The applicant’s gender, demography and occupation are all factors to consider. In general, business school applicants should find an average or medium GMAT score at a business school and try to meet or persuade them to show the admissions committee that they can handle the difficulties. in the MBA curriculum.

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Before completing the GMAT, potential business students should focus on studying 100 to 120 hours. It is recommended that the study period be spread over several months if possible. It is tempting for full-time business school applicants to reduce the cost of preparing for the GMAT test, especially if they are frustrated by how much time they spend studying, but it is a mistake. Make a diagnosis, find out how long it will take you to get where you need to go, and then be very aware of how you spend your time. So if you know you need to improve the quantitative part and you know which areas you need to work on in your diagnosis, be it algebra or geometry or whatever, then really focus on the spot. During the GMAT preparation process, students are required to take GMAT practical tests and content-specific short quizzes in order to monitor their academic progress and remain motivated to study.

Everyone studying GMAT should be familiar with the scoring system. Make sure you understand how the GMAT is structured and how much each category of questions contributes to your overall score. Prioritize improving your strengths first and then correcting your weaknesses with a focus on weight categories.

Anyone planning to take the GMAT exam should be mentally prepared for the computer-adaptable aspect of the exam, which includes a computer that adjusts the difficulty level of the exam based on the accuracy of the testerwurder. Because GMAT is computer-adaptable, if a student passes the exam well and is able to answer many questions correctly, he or she will receive a number of difficult questions.

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The problem with the GMAT is that it’s so difficult that even if you crush it and hit the park on the way to the 800 mark, you’ll probably think you’re not good at it because it’s computer-engineered. – adaptable. The first few questions are obviously important. You have to be careful with that. Otherwise, your trajectory will be jeopardized and you will never be able to return to a good brand. Therefore, you need to start well and maintain your confidence at all times.

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